Bisto – adores the grandchildren!

We’ve heard from beautiful Bisto‘s new family:

Bisto has been here just over 4 months now. She settled very quickly with just a few little ‘wobbles’. Very much a case of me and my shadow unless the grandchildren are here in which case she is only interested in me at mealtimes! She even sleeps outside their bedroom door when they come for a sleepover, usually with a toy so that they can play as soon as the little ones get up.

She loves going to visit the family and playing with my son’s dog in the garden. Beautifully behaved and settles happily there. She has made friends with lots of dogs and their owners in the village and the neighbours. She seems to like most things except fireworks, the car, cats, people in hi-viz jackets and the little dog who lives at the end of the road !!!!

She is wonderful company, loves her walks, toys and fluffy cushions. Oh, and dinner and treats. Her real favourites are cooked veggies and anything fishy. I can even trim her nails if I have a little plate of prawns at the ready.

Bisto has obviously been very loved and well trained by her previous owner and I have been very lucky to adopt her. She is by no means an angel, in fact can be a little monkey and has typical terrier tantrums but she soon gets over them. It’s nice to see her character and I wouldn’t change her for the world.”

We do love to read these wonderful updates on our rehomed oldies. Keep on enjoying playing with the grandchildren, Bisto!