Alfie — outings and holidays a speciality!

We’ve heard good news of Companionable Alfie who is now happily settled in his new home. His adopter told us:

We’ve been together for over 6 months now and apart from a few problems in the first few weeks, Alfie is in excellent health now.

We’ve had so many adventures! When we lived in the Borders we regularly went to the different beaches over that way and now we’ve moved to Dumfriesshire we go to forests, parks and nature reserves. We even went on holiday to the Highlands in September.

Alfie really enjoyed himself but as soon as we got home he bounced into his beloved bed that his old fosterers gave me and rolled around excitedly! He’s such a joy.

As Alfie is quite blind we have challenges but I love him so much that it’s easy. If you can give a dog time, patience and love then you can achieve anything together.

Such wise and kind words from Alfie’s adopter. It certainly sounds like little Alfie has well and truly landed on his paws!