This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Companionable Alfie! (Oldies Club, fostered Roxburghshire)

2/4/21 – Gorgeous little Alfie has gone off to his new home. Have fun, Alfie!

Alfie is a 14-year-old Terrier Crossbreed who came into the Oldies Club rescue because his owners were returning overseas. Alfie is a medium-sized boy weighing 12 kilos. He is in an Oldies Club foster home in Melrose, Roxburghshire, and can be rehomed within a 2-hour drive of his foster home.

Settling in: Alfie took about 2 weeks to settle in to his foster home. He was a little worried and quite disoriented at first. Alfie settles best if he is close to you. He likes his bed at your feet when you are sitting on the sofa, though overnight he sleeps fine in his own bed in the hallway. Even after settling, Alfie was unhappy and mouthed a lot: it was clear he needed a dental. After the painful teeth were extracted Alfie became a much happier boy.

Can be left for a few hours: As long as Alfie has had a walk, he is fine to be left for a few hours. He loves a comfy bed and is generally relaxed and happy in the home. Alfie is quite suitable for part-time workers, or people who work from home, as he sleeps a lot, but he does love company and doesn’t want to be home alone all day.

Good with dogs: Alfie is in foster with a small female dog. He could live as an only dog, or with a small pack. He does get on with other dogs and likes to say hello to new dogs when he is out on a walk, but likes his own bed and his own space too. He is easy-going with other dogs, but not really very interested and not playful. He has met many dogs in foster, and has been very good with all well-behaved dogs.

Unknown with cats: We don’t know how Alfie is with cats, so he will be rehomed to a cat-free home.

Older teenagers only: Alfie is not suitable to live with young children. He is food oriented, and doesn’t see well, so may snap for food if it’s in the vicinity. Older teenagers who understand this would be OK.

Loves walks: Alfie loves walks and is super on lead, though sometimes pulls if he’s keen to get to something interesting. In foster he has mainly been walked off lead and he loves the freedom. He trots along, staying close, and keeps checking where you are. This is only suitable if it’s a quiet walk though, as he can get disoriented if there are lots of other people or dogs around. His recall is poor due to his deafness, but he can hear a hand clap. Alfie likes a 45 mins – 1 hour walk a day. If offered garden time, Alfie comes straight back inside, but he may like to potter in better weather.

Very good in the car: Alfie is excellent in the car and he travels in a crate in the back. He is quiet and settles immediately, until you reach the destination, then he is very noisy, squeaking and bleating with excitement. Alfie needs lifting in and out of the car. He will make an attempt to push past you and jump out, so be careful.

Alfie’s favourite pastimes: Alfie loves his food, loves chews, and loves his walks. The rest of the time he likes to relax in his big comfy bed, though he likes to know where you are. He loves to be stroked and his ears rubbed. He shows no interest in toys.

Alfie’s dislikes: Initially he wasn’t good at the vets. He doesn’t get nervous in the waiting room, or when he sees the vet, but he doesn’t like any form of restraint. If he is held tight he starts to panic, so examining him can be a problem. Things can go well if the vet is made fully aware of this and there is a tub full of treats on hand. Alfie becomes worried when walking on a narrow pavement next to traffic. As his eyesight is poor, he feels in danger. He will proceed with encouragement, though these situations are best avoided. He doesn’t mind greeting other dogs, but doesn’t like them rushing up and bumping into him. He doesn’t like to be taken by surprise and can get upset.

Alfie’s ideal home: Alfie just wants to bond with someone and be their special little boy. He likes to be close to you and loves affection. Alfie needs an experienced owner as he is quite hyper around food, and he used to mouth a lot. His foster carer has been asking Alfie not to mouth, and it has diminished greatly, though he may mouth when excited or worried. This is possibly the legacy of when his teeth were painful. Alfie is fine walking upstairs (he runs), but will not walk downstairs and needs carrying. This may be to do with his eyesight, though the stairs in foster home are wood and may be too slippery for him. Alfie’s new family may need to carry him sometimes; he doesn’t mind being picked up or carried. Alfie needs a safe garden to explore, due to his eyesight being poor.

More about food… Alfie is very food oriented and gets quite intense at meal times or when chews are available. He shouldn’t be close to other dogs at this time, or made to feel he must compete. His new owner must be experienced enough to manage meal times. Alfie’s fosterer decided not to give treats, as if there is an expectation of food, due to his poor eyesight he can snap in the air. It’s best to have a definite routine. If Alfie is allowed in the kitchen during cooking, he can become quite silly bouncing and bleating, but he will leave the kitchen when asked to. Similarly at the dining table, he will pace around and whine as he is close to food, but he will go to his bed and be quiet when asked. He has shown he can and will change any unwanted behaviour.

Health notes: Alfie is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has been wormed and flea treated. He has had a dental with 4 painful teeth removed. He had a blood test which had very good results. Alfie has poor hearing and poor sight, but otherwise is very healthy. His sight is not bad enough for him to bump into things routinely, though it does affect his confidence sometimes. It seems particularly bad when walking towards bright sunshine, and he’s better on the lead in this situation.

More from his fosterer: Alfie is mostly quiet, easy-going, affectionate and puppylike. Alfie is a sweet boy, he likes attention, likes to be close, and he likes to know where you are. He sleeps all night, is very easy going, and he rarely barks. Alfie is 100% clean in the house, and good company.

Alfie is a very easy dog in lots of ways, but his behaviour around food, and his mouthing make him unsuitable for an inexperienced owner. He has shown he will change his behaviour when asked, so he needs someone to keep on gently showing him the right things to do.

At 14, Alfie is a proper oldie, but still has something really puppylike about him. When he trots along, his ears bounce up and down and he is bright eyed and waggy tailed. He is excited about every walk, and every meal. If you are looking for a 14 year old puppy, Alfie could be the one for you.

If you would like to offer Alfie a permanent home, please read our Adoption Procedures for information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

Alfie can be rehomed within a 2-hour drive of his foster home, subject to a satisfactory home visit. Note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to collect him.

If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor one of the special oldies we are caring for that, due to health problems, are unlikely to be offered a permanent home.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.