Bruno (All Dogs Matter, fostered North London)

Friendly and sweet Staffie Cross, Bruno, loves attention from his human friends. He walks well on the lead and seems okay with other dogs outside but has never lived with a dog before. He can live with children 12+ but no cats please. He’s such a handsome boy.

Emily (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Emily is a Chow Chow cross with great presence, intelligence and charisma. She’s confident and funny and would be perfect for people with a good sense of humour who will appreciate her wit and charm.

Bertie (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Bertie is a special boy looking for a special person to care for him as he is disabled. He’s a shy, funny, little chap who is very affectionate. He’s living happily with other dogs and cats and loves lots of attention while snuggled up. Can you help Bertie please?

Koshi (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Koshi is a gorgeous girl with a golden temperament. She’s had a miserable life in a rusty pen in Transylvania and thinks life in the UK is marvellous. Could you offer her lots of love and happy times?

Jerry (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Jerry is a small boy with lots of character. He’s in foster care with other dogs but would be better as an only dog. He requires a warm lap and lots of cuddles. He’s a little sweetie who will melt your heart and always make you smile!

Kenzy (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Kenzy spent 7 years in a Romanian shelter and has never known love and kindness. She is quiet and shy but progressing well. Could you offer her a loving home where she can get used to life’s luxuries at her own pace?

Castel (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Castel survived 7 years in a Romanian shelter by making himself invisible but he’s gradually learning the joys of not having to hide in the shadows. He happy-dances at food time! Could you offer him the patience and love he deserves?

Beryl (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Surrey)

Poor Beryl was abandoned in the pound and is rather bewildered at her situation. She’s not had much care in her life but has a sweet, kind and gentle nature. Beryl is good on the lead and seems fine with other dogs. She is looking for a loving, adult home please.

Jessie (All Animals Rescue & Rehome, Essex)

Jessie is a gorgeous Lab who is great with other dogs and would be happy living with one, some or none. She is a contented lady as long as she has fuss and food! She enjoys gentle walks and loves comfort. She’s a steady, well adjusted, quintessential Lab!

Mabel (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Mabel is learning the meaning of happiness now she’s in a foster home. She loves walks, playing with other dogs and feeling safe at last. She’s shy of strangers but is gradually realising that most humans are kind. She just needs some TLC and people of her very own!

Roxy (Dogs Trust Merseyside)

Roxy might not be classically good looking but she has a beautifully kind heart. She’s shy with new people but once she knows you she’s a soppy, affectionate old girl. If she meets a puppy, her big hearted nature makes her waggy tail a blur! Could you love her?

Nora (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Somerset)

Nora is a friendly lady who has made great progress since being in the U.K. She’s good on the lead and enjoys her walks. Nora is fine with the resident dog and good with the children. She would be forever grateful to have a special someone whom she can trust and love.

Leyla (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Pretty Leyla was dumped on the streets by her owner. Deep breaths everyone! She’s a lively 10 year old so needs active people who will take her for fun walks. Leyla might be able to live with a male dog.

Kiki (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Kiki is a sweet little girl looking for a home close to Foal Farm as she needs regular vet checks for Cushing’s. She is a lovely, gentle soul who is happily sharing her foster home with dogs and a child.

Rick and Jack (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Rick and Jack are a pair of really affectionate sweethearts who are so sad their Dad passed away. They are fine with other dogs and good with children, but their ideal home would be with a quiet, retired couple or someone who has lots of time for cuddles but is not looking for an energetic dog. Can you help them please?

Max (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Dear Max is a lovely, older gent who still enjoys a walk and loves a cuddle. He is good with childen and mixes well with other dogs. He’s simply an amiable chap who needs the chance of a loving home.

Logan (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Lovely, little Logan is Staffie Cross who, sadly, was not reclaimed and is desperate for a loving foster or permanent home. He could live with a calm female dog and children who are aged 10+. All he needs is to be cuddled up on a cosy couch with someone to love.

Charles (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Hampshire)

Sadly, Charles was shut-down when he came to the UK, but he’s settling and beginning to enjoy the comforts of a foster home. He just loves his food and his bed! Charles would benefit from a doggy companion and is good with the resident baby. Charles just needs time to relax and come out of his shell.

Albie (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Scotland)

Adorable Albie really appreciates all the good things in life: fuss, cuddles, treats and walks. He’s such a lovely gent inside and out and would love to be your forever companion. He’s good with children and dogs but not keen on cats yet.

Arthur (Pennypaws Rescue, Norfolk)

Arthur is so desperate for a home and cries in his kennel. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania and is a friendly boy though still scared of men. He’s active and enjoys his walks, can be left and travels well. Arthur is good with other dogs and needs a loving, adult home where he can flourish.

Danny (Private Rehoming, Cornwall)

Danny is a gentle, affectionate people-pleaser who loves his walks almost as much as he loves his food. He’s best suited to an adult only home as an only pet, although he’s easy-going with other dogs he meets. He’s simply a loving and loyal boy, especially when you have treats!

Lyra (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Lyra is a lady of great poise. She loves being with people, getting fuss or playing a game, but she’s unassuming and calm too. She’s a wonderful mixture of relaxed, loving and playful. But she’s never had a proper home… yet!

Beautiful Boi! (Oldies Club, fostered Somerset)

This gorgeousness could grace your home if you’re lucky enough to suit. Boi wants to be an only pet, although he’s good with other dogs out and about. He likes two walks a day, a bit of fuss and a choice of comfy places to lounge which includes a sofa. He’s a placid, gentle, lovely boy!

Vinnie (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Vinnie is a quiet and dignified little man who has survived a tough existence in Romania. He is good with dogs but likes a bit of space when he sleeps. Could you offer him love and the quiet life he deserves?

Rodney (The Mutts Nutts Rescue, fostered Lincolnshire)

Rodney’s owner of 17 years has passed away. Little Rodney is gradually getting used to life without his owner and needs a lovely home for his retirement years. He enjoys a little walk and is good in the car. He’s lived happily with cats and dogs previously. Bless him!

Stefan (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Sweet Stefan is a calm, clean and affectionate boy who is lookking for a quiet retirement home where he can potter in the garden. He’s described as the perfect dog and is happy to live with dogs, cats and older children.

Matrix (National Animal Welfare Trust, Cornwall)

Matrix is a bouncy but sensitive Labrador Cross who loves other dogs and needs a home where he will have a non-small, robust canine friend or two. He is strong on the lead but will enjoy learning lead-walking skills for a tasty treat. Could you offer him a home within Cornwall?

Clive (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Clive would have languished, forgotten in a Romanian shelter were it not for a dramatic turn of events, one amazing rescuer and then a network of kind people. Now he’s blossoming in a foster home but his journey is not quite complete. Are you his human soul mate?

Anna (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Anna is a really lovely girl and very brave too. She went through a terrible time but is now getting used to having a nice life. She’d like living with other dogs and a good garden is a must. Can you give Anna a happy home?

Corny (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Cute Corny has wasted many years of his life in a shelter but his future looks bright now he’s safe in a foster home. A little patience will make him a confident and affectionate friend. He enjoys walks and would like a canine companion in his new home.

Stella (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Sweet Stella has a hard life and a sad story to tell, but now she’s enjoying life and is an affectionate, friendly lady. She loves to play with the dogs in her foster home and can live with children aged 10+. She just needs her own, forever, loving home now.

Champ (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Kent)

Champ is a super sweet boy who has fought distemper and recovered well. He just wants a retirement home where he can feel safe, loved and happy. Champ gets on with other dogs and was fine with children and cats when in Romania. Can you welcome him into your home?

Sunrise (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Sunrise’s owner has passed away. Sunrise needs a loving home where she can continue to flourish. Originally from Romania, she still bears the trauma but tries to fit in and is no trouble. Sunrise would benefit living with another dog in a quiet, adult home.

Ruby (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

This lovely lady enjoys being with other dogs, especially males. She’s quite shy with new people and needs an adult only home. Gentle and unassuming by nature, she asks for very little out of life. A good garden and comfy sofa and she’ll be content.