Jethro (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

This big, soppy boy is a true gentleman! He’s respectful of other dogs and would be happy living with a friendly female one. He can live with older children as well. He’s well behaved and relaxed in the home and is a real cuddle monster!

Chino (Leicester Animal Aid)

Chino doesn’t want to be in kennels. He wants a warm home, cosy cuddles on the sofa with his new family, and steady walks wearing a nice warm coat. Could you make his Christmas wish come true?

Milo (Safe Rescue, fostered Norwich)

Milo is a cute, little Jack Russell who finds himself in rescue through no fault of his own. He’s a well-behaved and socialised chap who has happily lived with an assortment of animals including cats and is good with children though an adult home is preferred.

Blue (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Beautiful Blue is thrilled to have home comforts and happy outings with his other foster dog friends. He just needs a home and human of his own now, to make his life complete. Yes to other dogs. No thank you to cats or children. Plenty of fuss is a must!

William (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Staffordshire)

William considers himself a distinguished older gent looking for a long-term relationship in a forever home. He loves being stroked and brushed. He enjoys a long walk every day as he’s still an energetic boy. William is living with other dogs and is fine with dog-savvy children, but no small furries please.

Roxy (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Birmingham)

Roxy is a happy girl who loves to be with her people, snuggled on the sofa. She can live with gentle children aged 6+ and is good with dogs so might be able to live with a calm friend. She’d like a home where she won’t be left too long.

Rose (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Kent)

Rose needs lots of love and patience to help build up her confidence and trust, but she’s already learned that she loves a fuss and tummy rubs. She’s living with other dogs but can be wary of other dogs. All she needs is a lovely someone to show her how wonderful life can be.

Billy (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Bedfordshire)

Gorgeous Billy is a very handsome gent who is incredibly friendly, loves people and laps up all the attention he can get. He gets on famously with the young child and other dogs in his foster home and just loves snoozing and his squeaky toy. Have you a cosy home for Billy?

Lulu (All Animals Rescue & Rehome, Essex)

Beautiful Lulu is good with other dogs and children. She’s a very affectionate girl, who loves a cuddle. She trusts women more than men and would like a female owner. She loves walks and naps and is pretty well perfect!

Scratch (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Doncaster)

Scratch is a quiet, placid boy who loves short walks and long naps! He’s shy at first but very affectionate when he knows you. He walks nicely with other dogs but wants to be an only pet at home. He’d be fine living with older, dog-fussing children.

Bella (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Kent)

Bella is such a sweetheart who doesn’t fuss for attention but will still shower you with love. She’s a beautiful lady who is chilled out and loves her home comforts. Bella is amazing with older dogs and will make a perfect addition to your home.

Mandy (Private Rehoming, Scotland)

Beautiful wee Mandy is a very special girl. She loves meeting people and greets everyone with a wiggly bottom! She can live with other dogs but won’t actually interact with them much. Her main focus in life is her ball and after that, it’s kissing people!

Albert (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Staffordshire)

Albert loves the sofa .. for cuddles, being stroked, being brushed, in fact most things. He enjoys little walks and is okay on the lead. He’s currently living with other dogs and doesn’t show much interest in cats. He would suit a home with older children who can give him lots of attention and treats.

Precious (Dogs Walk This Way, kennelled Berkshire)

Precious is very aptly named as she’s a sweet and loving lady who was rescued from Romania. She loves people and can live with children. She is good with other dogs except bossy, female ones. Precious promises you the best Christmas ever if you would adopt her.

URGENT APPEAL: Could you foster Tucker?

Tucker needs a foster home urgently – he can only stay where he is until 18th December. He needs a home with someone around most of the time. He loves dogs but is a bit bouncy. He can live with children aged 15+. Could you help Tucker?

Holly (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Hertfordshire)

Poor Holly hasn’t had much in the way of love or home comforts. She arrived in rescue a very poorly little girl, but with ongoing medication, she is looking forward to a brighter future. If you’re looking for a smallish companion dog who only needs short walks, please read about Holly.

Colin (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

What a dutiful, beautiful boy Colin is! He’s utterly devoted to his people and friendly with everyone else too. He can live with other dogs but hasn’t lived with children or cats before. He likes a game of fetch and really loves a fuss. He-is-a-big-soppy-BOY! Yes-he-IS!

Lady (All Dogs Matter, fostered North London)

Lovely Lady is such a sweet and affectionate Staffie who loves nothing more than being with people and a snuggle and snooze on the sofa. She can live with children aged 10+ and possibly a calm, male dog, but no cats please. All she asks for is a forever home.

Ava (Leicester Animal Aid)

Cute, little Ava Jack Russell is looking for the finer things in life: love and sofa cuddles while watching movies. She needs only short potters out and about. Ava would be happy to live with older children and also a compatible canine companion.

Mazzie (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

This delightful girl is the perfect size for laps! She wants a fairly quiet home. She could live with older children and a calm dog friend. Mazzie is a bit shy when she first meets you but soon relaxes and wants a fuss. She’s ever so slightly cute!

Joshua (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Everyone has fallen in love with Joshua, a cuddly and affectionate Staffie boy who still thinks he’s a youngster. Joshua is good with children and could live with a calm, female dog. A cosy retirement home would be just perfect for him.

Bruce (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Adorable Bruce is so fantastically friendly and affectionate he resides in the kennel Reception to meet and greet. He pays no attention to other dogs and can live with children, but not cats. He’s a lovely, typical Staffie who would make a very loyal companion.

Gizza (Dogs Trust Merseyside)

Dear old Gizza is an adorable, cuddlesome couch potato! He loves meeting people and getting a fuss. He likes short walks. He gets on with other steady dogs but wants to be the only one at home, for peace and optimal love!

Ronnie (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Dear Ronnie remains a lovely boy despite being rescued from terrible, outdoor living conditions not knowing when his next meal will come. All he wants is affection and cuddles in a cosy, forever adult home as the only pet. He’s a fabulous chap who truly deserves a good life now.

Banger (Private rehoming, North East)

Banger is a beautiful Lurcher lady who is seeking a quiet retirement home through no fault of her own. She is very affectionate and obedient. Banger gets on with children and can live with other dogs, but no cats please.

Marvin (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Marvin needs cheering up. He needs a lot of fuss and attention, as well as jolly adventures and much tennis ball wrangling! He could live with older children and perhaps another calm, friendly dog. Can you help put a smile back on Marvin’s lovely face?

Benji (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered East Yorkshire)

Gentle and quiet Benji is dreaming of his forever home after being found as a stray. He jumps for joy when his lead comes out and he walks perfectly. Benji is amazing with other dogs and enjoys playing with them. Most of the time, you don’t know he’s there! Can you make Benji’s dream come true?

Alice (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, Yorkshire)

Alice counts friendliness, a loving nature and beauty as some of the many fine qualities she will offer her lucky new humans. She loves being with people and makes friends wherever she goes. She is ready for some TLC in a new forever home.

Barney (Private rehoming, Wiltshire)

Barney is a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel who is so happy to be with his people and would make a marvellous pet for a retired person or couple. He’s so good with kids, other calm dogs, dog-savvy cats, on the lead, in the car, being groomed .. and the list goes on. He’s simply a perfect gent.

Zeus (East Anglia Dog Rescue, Essex)

Zeus is a happy, smiley, soppy boy. He loves his walks and his football and all humans! He can live with another dog and children from age 8. He’s easy-going and fun to have around. He will brighten up you life!

Harry (Stray Dogs Sanctuary, Devon)

Lovely Lurcher lad, Harry, would love to have a cosy home with a family with children aged 8+. He can live with other medium/large dogs, but not small ones or cats. He likes his walks, but just loves lots of cuddles and snuggling up to his people; his tail never stops wagging.

Winston (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Winston is like a wise old sailor who has seen the world and is comfortable with who he is. How poetic! Winston has a jovial personality and is great fun to have around. Could you offer him a lovely home to retire to?

Barkley (Change a Paw Life Rescue, fostered Essex)

Cute little Barkley the Chihuahua is looking for a quiet, older home where children are 10+. He loves his walks, then is happy to sleep all day. He can live with another dog or be the only one to lap up all the attention. A cat-free home would be best but it’s doubtful he would harm one.

Eskimo Joe (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Eskimo Joe is a steady boy with a charming, goes-with-the-flow nature, bringing his family a lot of happiness and affection. He gets on with most dogs and is looking for a caring, adult family who want to share their lives with a lovely lad who has so much to give.

Billy (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Bedfordshire)

Billy is such a handsome chap who is so friendly, loves people and laps up all the attention he can get, especially after a miserable life in a cage. He’s great with children and is good with other dogs, thoroughly enjoying his walks, but not so keen on small furries.

Buddy (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

This handsome boy is Buddy and he loves cuddles on laps! He enjoys training and is a quick learner, so it’s sad that he hasn’t had much training previously. Buddy needs an adult home but might be able to share with a female dog.

Kaiser and Khan (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Kaiser and Khan are two lovely Rottweiler brothers who love each other dearly and desperately want to stay together. They came from an uncaring home and deserve some TLC in a loving, forever home now. They are friendly, love human contact and have lived with other dogs.

Leyla (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Cute Chihuahua Cross Leyla is a perfect little lady who likes to interact with people and get lots of love and attention. She’s good with other dogs and walks well on the lead. Leyla would make a wonderful companion in her forever home.

Willow (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Life has not been easy for this beautiful lady but she’s blooming now and looking for a calm, retirement home, permanent or even foster. She’s gentle but shy and is always so pleased to see you, celebrating with a happy dance. Willow is fine with other dogs but is not used to children or cats. She would make a perfect companion for an older couple.