Thor (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Gentle, timid, beautiful boy Thor would be very grateful for a home with a few fewer dogs than his current accommodation. Don’t get him wrong, another one or two dog friends would be lovely. Just as long as he can have some peace sometimes too! Please share his page to help him find his retirement home!

Holly (Animal Action Trust, fostered Essex)

Holly is a very sweet Terrier x Chihuahua who enjoys walks and can jump up on the sofa. She previously worked as a part-time ratter but would like to retire to a life of luxury and love. Could you help Holly with her ambition?

Lucky (Leash of Life, Wiltshire)

Such a cute lad and very friendly, Lucky is in need of a new, loving home due to being left alone very long hours. He’s used to living with children and is fine with dogs outside. His ideal home would be with an active, retired couple who can give him the time he deserves. Lucky will make a great companion.

Alfie (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Hertfordshire)

Alfie was a loyal friend to his owner who is now terminally ill. Although well looked after, it transpires that Alfie too has life-limiting conditions. Alfie is not in any pain though and is blissfully unaware. Could you make Alfie’s final months happy?

Nancy (Saving Romanian Strays, fostered Scotland)

Dear Nancy is a bit of a snuggle monster on the quiet and loves human company. She’s looking for a quiet retirement home with maybe retired people who have time to give her lots of love. She is living with other dogs and gets on fine with them. She’s a very sweet, calm lady.

Simon (Saving Romanian Strays, fostered Scotland)

Cuddly Simon is very friendly indeed and has not been hardened by years in a Romanian shelter. He just loves cuddles and would be so happy to have a cosy home of his own where he will love you forever. Simon can live with other dogs and is an absolute sweetheart.

Goga (Saving Romanian Strays, fostered Scotland)

Beautiful Goga is looking for the loving home she deserves after a hard life in Romania. She is very friendly but needs time to regain her confidence and realise that there’s a lovely life for her out there. She’s fine with other dogs but would like a peaceful, retirement home to enjoy for the rest of her life.

Vulpes (Saving Romanian Strays, fostered Scotland)

Sweet natured Vulpes gets on so well with all people and dogs. She’s very friendly and loves lots of fuss, rather having a cuddle than a walk. She walks nicely on the lead (and needs the exercise to trim her waistline). All she wants is to be showered with love.

Storm (Furry Friends Animal Rescue, Surrey)

Storm has spent most of her life breeding and then moved around a lot. She has a lovely nature and deserves a quiet home with older/retired people or where children are 12+. Storm could live with a calm, larger male dog but has not been assessed with cats. Someone around most of the time to love her would be perfect.

Molly (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, fostered Essex)

Marvellous Molly is described by her carer as the sweetest, most adorable, little snuggle bug you will ever meet. She walks nicely on the lead, travels well, is clean and can be left. Molly lives happily with other dogs and is an absolute pleasure in every way.

Eric (Danaher Animal Home, fostered Essex)

Cutie boy Eric will entertain you with occasional zoomies! The rest of the time he’s very relaxing company. He can live with other dogs and children but his nap times must be assured! He’s a cheerful little chap who will never refuse a fuss!

Mina & Balanka (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Mina and Balanka have never known home comforts, despite having had a home in the UK for 9 years. They have been together since their puppyhoods and love each other to bits. Could you offer these gentle girls a lovely home?

Kaiya & Dusty (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Kaiya looks after Dusty like a mother and he depends on her for confidence. These beautiful, short-legged dogs are going to make their new owners very happy indeed. Can you give them the time and love they deserve?

Louis (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Louis is a real gentleman who is good with people and dogs alike. But that doesn’t mean he’s boring! He’s a happy, young-at-heart boy who still has lots of life, play and fun in him.

Rudi (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Fife, Scotland)

Rudi is so happy to be in a foster home after years in a cold, heartless shelter. He has a tail that wags like a non-stop windmill and is described as an elderly gent with a cheeky grin and a heart of gold. He’s fine with the dogs in his foster home and now just needs a forever home.

Robin (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Happy Robin is a beautiful boy who is hoping for a relatively active home as he loves to go for nice walks and explore the world. He enjoys canine company and has a cheeky little side to his character. Bless him!

Little clown Tucker! (Oldies Club, fostered Hampshire)

Not just a pretty face, Tucker is funny, loving and charismatic. One of his favourite games is catching water from the shower head! He’d love to live with other dogs, might be OK with cats, but is too bouncy for small children. He’s a playful, fuss-loving poppet. But, be warned, he’s good at opening fridges!

Willow (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Kent)

Pretty, playful and fluffy, Willow is desperate for a place to call home and be loved. She is very good with the dogs in her foster home, loves lots of cuddles and will be the perfect companion for someone with patience to help her with her anxiety on walks. Can you offer her lots of cuddles?

Dalton (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Dalton is a lovely Lab cross who is still learning that most humans are kind. Dogs, on the other hand, you always know where you are with dogs and Dalton would happily live with one or more. This loving lad deserves loving owners and many jolly walks! Please help him by sharing his page!

Baloo (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Baloo is a gentle boy who loves other dogs and wants to live with at least one or two. He can be shy of strangers but is learning to trust people. His happiest times are on walks with his pals, when he bounds about like a puppy!

Lucky (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Lovely Lucky is hoping he will live up to his name and find a loving, forever home or even a foster home meantime. He is good with people and gets along with other dogs at the kennels but is not used to sharing with other pets. He can live with children 8+. Can you make Lucky lucky again please?

Beverley (and Braveheart, Dogsfriends, fostered Somerset)

Gentle, well-mannered and affectionate, Beverley came into rescue with Braveheart who could be her son, so they would love to be rehomed together, but they can be separated. Braveheart is an honorary oldie as he’s only 3 years old, but they’re both good with other dogs, travel well and can be left. Quite the perfect pair!

Fergie (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Plymouth)

Fergie is a very friendly, gentle, quiet and sociable lady who loves a cuddle and snuggle on the sofa. She’s in foster care as an only dog but is fine with dogs outside. She’s used to children over 8 years and would prefer a cat-free home. She’s a gorgeous girl.

AJ (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered U.K.)

AJ is loving life in his foster home and they can’t praise him enough. He’s just enjoying life, his walks and is excellent on the lead. He loves other dogs and can live with older children. AJ will make an amazing family dog in the cosy, calm, forever home he deserves.

Buddy (Irish Setter Rescue and Rehome)

Buddy is a loving lad who is ready to start over after his beloved owner became to ill to care for him. He is a fit and happy boy who loves the company of humans and will make the most loving of companions.

Jazzy (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Jazzy is a lovely Collie girl looking for a relaxing retirement home. She likes to snuggle and to snooze! She’s good with other dogs and could live with some, or as an only dog. She’s good with children too. All humans being fair game for fuss!

Rudy (Animal Adoption International, fostered Essex)

Rudy is a gentle, sociable Collie cross who would love to find a home with at least one other dog for company. He’s well behaved, both in the home and out on walks. He adores people of all ages and could live with sensible children. He’s a true gentleman!

Robyn and Badger (Adopt a Dog North East, Durham)

3/2/19 – This gorgeous duo is now reserved!

Adorable Badger and Robyn are the very best of friends and require a home where they can be together, as well as the love, security and care of a human companion. They are such easy little dogs to have around – they love to sleep and potter about in the garden together. They just want a warm, loving home where they can spend time in each other’s company.

Dot (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Dot is a teeny, tiny girl who needs a lap to sit on. She arrived in rescue with red, itchy skin due to an untreated flea allergy, but after treatment she is now doing wonderfully. Dot is sweet, adorable and entertaining. What a poppet!

Zac (Friends of Akitas Trust, Notts.)

Zac is a friendly and loving boy. On walks, he’s good on the lead and calm around other dogs. He’d prefer to be an only dog at home. He’s been through some trials but is now read to love and be loved!

Samuel (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Lincolnshire)

Sweet and loving Samuel will make a great family pet. Luckily he was saved from the shelter kill list and is now enjoying life as it should be. He’s handome, a quick learner and brilliant with children. He also know his basic commands. Can you help Samuel?

Yogi (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Berwickshire)

Friendly and gentle and doing so well in his foster home, Yogi is ready for his loving, forever home. He is great with children and dogs and seems not bothered by cats. He likes lots of cuddles and playtime and is good on the lead. Yogi will make a wonderful family pet.

Porthos (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Porthos is a dear old soul and has overcome a lot. He wants an adult only home with someone he can bond with strongly, who is around most of the time. He’s great with other dogs and could easily share his home and sofa with one or more.

Delilah (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Hampshire)

Delightful Delilah enjoys taking things easy being a more mature lady, but she’s enjoying life and would suit a home with other dogs or on her own. She also gets on with cats, sweetheart that she is. Her tail is always wagging ready to meet her new owner.

Emily (Kent Greyhound Rescue)

Sweet Emily was raced and then bred from, living her life in kennels with no creature comforts, and yet within one day at her foster home she was roaching on the sofa. Could this talented lady be your new best friend?

Teona (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Some people think Teona is strange looking due to her very short legs, but one person’s strange is another’s adorable! This affectionate, cheerful girl wants a female owner and would be happy living with a friendly male dog. She’s a strong little character, with strong little legs!

River (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Nottinghamshire)

River is a friendly, affectionate boy and ever so well behaved! He’s good with other dogs and would love to have at least one doggy companion. He can only do short walks these days but he really enjoys them. His favourite thing is tummy rubs!

Jethro (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

This big, soppy boy is a true gentleman! He’s respectful of other dogs and would be happy living with a friendly female one. He can live with older children as well. He’s well behaved and relaxed in the home and is a real cuddle monster!

Blue (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Beautiful Blue is thrilled to have home comforts and happy outings with his other foster dog friends. He just needs a home and human of his own now, to make his life complete. Yes to other dogs. No thank you to cats or children. Plenty of fuss is a must!

William (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Staffordshire)

William considers himself a distinguished older gent looking for a long-term relationship in a forever home. He loves being stroked and brushed. He enjoys a long walk every day as he’s still an energetic boy. William is living with other dogs and is fine with dog-savvy children, but no small furries please.

Roxy (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Birmingham)

Roxy is a happy girl who loves to be with her people, snuggled on the sofa. She can live with gentle children aged 6+ and is good with dogs so might be able to live with a calm friend. She’d like a home where she won’t be left too long.

Rose (Pawprints To Freedom, fostered Kent)

Rose needs lots of love and patience to help build up her confidence and trust, but she’s already learned that she loves a fuss and tummy rubs. She’s living with other dogs but can be wary of other dogs. All she needs is a lovely someone to show her how wonderful life can be.