~ Could you help transform the life of our next Sullivan?

~ It’s hard to believe, looking at these lovely photos of a gorgeous dog relaxing at home and thoroughly enjoying spending time outdoors (photos taken prior to the current heatwave) that, just a few months ago, we were running an urgent appeal to find a new foster home for Sullivan. It’s wonderful to see how settled he is in his forever home, but this only happened because we were able to find someone who could offer Sullivan the home environment he needed, after his initial foster home was able to provide a much-appreciated, clear assessment of exactly what Sullivan needed on a longer-term basis.

Sadly, there are always more Sullivans. We would love to be able to help more older dogs like him and so are launching this new appeal to find people who can offer one or more of the following:

– A foster home with no other companion animals

– A foster home where an adult is home most of the day

– The patience to care for an older dog with separation anxiety

– Experience of caring for a reactive dog

Oldies Club foster dog campaign poster

Like most rescues, we keep a waiting list for dogs to come into our care, which unfortunately is only expected to grow, and it is generally much harder for us to place a dog who wants to be the only animal in a home and/or needs human company most of the time. It’s difficult for our rehoming team volunteers when someone calls us in desperation, seeking help for their dog, and we have nowhere suitable to place the dog, when we’re contacted about a stray, who is currently kept in kennels, or when we have to consider placing an older dog in kennels temporarily ourselves. Therefore, although we certainly do take in and rehome many older dogs who are suitable for less-experienced dog guardians, for this particular appeal we would love to hear from people whose experience and current circumstances mean they can genuinely offer one or more of the above.

Oldies Club is a small, volunteer-run charity, relying on – and very appreciative of – our little network of foster homes across mainland UK, which take care of our dogs until they are ready for adoption. We cover the cost of any veterinary care/treatments we consider a dog requires while in foster with us. We would also be happy to arrange for an Oldies Club approved behaviourist to visit to offer additional support where we consider that would be beneficial, in addition to the foster support we provide for all our foster homes.

If you would like to discuss fostering a harder-to-place dog for Oldies Club, please email:


To read more general information about fostering for Oldies Club, please click HERE.