This animal has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Andrew (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

16/11/17 – Andrew has found his new home!

Andrew is a charming boy who wins hearts and influences people wherever he goes. He is a Pointer Cross of around 4-5 years old. He arrived into the care of Safe Rescue recently with a leg that had clearly been broken and bent backwards for quite some time, probably years. He is enjoying life in foster care in Great Yarmouth while he hopes his new home will come soon.

Andrew would like a quieter home where he can at last relax and take life easy. He enjoys short walks and, no doubt, will appreciate longer walks as his confidence in life grows.

Andrew is incredibly hand shy and acts like he has been beaten by humans. He is desperately conflicted between wanting to be loved and have contact from humans and his ingrained expectation to be abused by them. When you speak to him softly and call him to you, his stumpy tail will wag furiously and he will approach you with his head bowed. It’s actually heart-breaking, but in time he will overcome his fears and the wagging tail will be accompanied by a head held high.

Andrew gets on well with female dogs but doesn’t always get on with males; likely shelter life in Romania was not easy on a dog with a clear disability and he’s used to having to fight his corner.

Andrew’s useless leg has now been surgically removed by a UK vet and he’s doing incredibly well. Andrew has been walking on three legs for a long time so the loss of the dead, hanging limb is just a boost to his mobility.
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If you are interested in helping this lovely lad, please contact Safe Rescue, quoting his Ref. 0650380 and his location Ref. FR001, as follows:

Tel: 07788 251197 or 07899 844524

Please mention you saw Andrew on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed Cats & Others This animal has found a new home and is no longer looking.