This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Biscuit & Chief (Rescue Remedies, W. Sussex)

27/11/18 – Biscuit and Chief have been rehomed!

Sweetie Biscuit and her dear old Dad Chief are an inseparable pair in the care of Rescue Remedies at their kennels in Gatwick, West Sussex. Chief is 15, Biscuit is 6 and they’re both pretty small examples of joyful Staffyhood. They’re looking for an adult only home and to be the only pets please.

The best way to tell you about this lovable duo is with quotes from volunteers who’ve taken them for outing since they’ve been in kennels.

One volunteer said, “When we went to collect them, both were snuggled up together in their bed. They were easy to harness and ready to go for walkies. Both of them are very small and compact. They happily welcomed us into their kennel and after a ‘meet and greet’ and a couple of sausages, both were happy to get on their way for a walk. They walk well together and are very easy on the lead. Another two little staffies that have been neglected but still have faith in us humans.”

Another later on said, “Chief and Biscuit are very easy to walk, they are a happy little pair now, their little face have changed so much from the sad eyes and anxious expressions when they first came in. They will be an absolute delight to whoever is lucky enough to adopt them. Biscuit can be a bit noisy passing other dogs, Chief ignores them. They do enjoy rolling on their backs in the grass now. It’s lovely to see because it is such a staffie trait and not something they did when they first came to rescue.”

And another, “…took Biscuit and Chief to the Dormansland Carnival today. It was a really hot day! Both travelled well in the car. Both dogs behaved incredibly well, we were so proud of them! I was at the end of Biscuit’s lead, she was very enthusiastic to walk around and was inquisitive, and Chief always made sure that Biscuit was in his sight.

“I entered both Chief and Biscuit in the Rescue class. She was very relaxed and sat there like a good girl. After seeing Chief awarded a rosette, I said, Biscuit has to have one too! The judge liked her and hey presto, she was awarded a rosette, just like her daddy Chief!…

“We all enjoyed it and I am sure that Biscuit and Chief had a good day away from kennel life. Love them both to bits. After a long day, when I took her back, she walked straight past the dogs on her way to her kennel, dinner was waiting and she tucked in! Well done Biscuit!”

So it seems Biscuit has become defensive about her territory (or possibly her Dad) since being in kennels but when she’s tired out, she’s more relaxed. This bodes well for her being more sociable once she has a settled home. There’s another way to stop her sounding off at the other dogs in the kennels…

“I walked dear little Biscuit and Chief whilst Geoff walked big boy Chase yesterday. We let Chase take the lead most of the time and Biscuit and Chief were very happy to follow behind as long as they got to sniff the same spots they could see Chase sniffing. Biscuit was quite vociferous passing the other dogs in the kennels again, but as good as gold out on her walk.

“When it was time to go back in their kennel we solved this noisy element of the process by picking her up and carrying her past William’s kennel, worked like a dream! Not a squeak from little Miss!! These two are a delight, Biscuit is much faster walking than dear old Chief who likes to amble, but she is a very good girl waiting for him. Back in the paddock Biscuit chased balls and they both had a lovely roll in the grass. These two have the sweetest faces, and gentlest eyes!”

To see many more photos and testimonials of these two on their forum thread, click here.

If you’d like to find out more about this cuddly pair, please contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online homing questionnaire.

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Please say you saw Biscuit and Chief on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.