Bracken (RSPCA Westmorland, Cumbria)

25/06/18 – Bracken is reserved!

Happy, friendly and loving Bracken is 11 in years, but a puppy at heart. RSPCA Westmorland in Cumbria are taking good care of this cute little fellow until he finds a home and family of his own. They just love him and want him to find that home very soon. An older boy should not be in kennels during the time he most needs security, love and care.

Bracken was going to move into a new home, but sadly it all fell through, so he is available again for some lucky person!

Bracken loves being with people, being fussed over and going for walks. The poor boy is so sad when he has to go back to his kennel after his time out with his friends.

Bracken gets along with other dogs, having lived with them before. He has also lived with small children and can do so again, as long as they respect an old boy’s space.  Bracken has no experience living with cats.

All this little guy wants is to be in a home again where he can be loved and looked after.

Please get in touch with RSPCA Westmorland if you would like to adopt him.

Tel: 07584 571398 or 01768 371806

Please mention that you saw Bracken on the Oldies Club website.

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