Bruiser (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Big and beautiful Bruiser had a sad life before coming to Freshfields Animal Rescue, but he has been there too long and needs a home and family of his own.

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Bruiser spent the first four years of his life confined to a garage without any stimulation or a chance to socialise with humans and other dogs. He is 10 years old now and has spent over six years in rescue!

Bruiser is a big boy with a big heart and a big character.  He loves to be around people and is so cuddly and loving.  He is extremely bubbly and really enjoys going out on walks with his favourite dog walkers.  It is so sad to see Bruiser still in rescue after all these years.  He deserves so much more after such a hard life.

Bruiser just got some yummy treats from an admirer! He is saying “thank you!”

Because Bruiser has never lived in a home, he struggles to accept new things and changes to his environment. He has his own room at Freshfields, which is being transformed into a “living room,” with the staff working slowly on introducing him to new things. He is starting to accept his new place and new things. He is showing lots of potential in accepting new environments, which is very exciting to see!

Bruiser the snoozer!

Because he was never around them in his early years, Bruiser isn’t good with other dogs. He will need to be the only pet in his new home. Care will also need to be taken while on his walks, but he should have no problem with a sensible owner taking him out at quiet times and quiet places.

Bruiser is a rather lazy boy who likes taking himself off to bed and enjoying a nice nap. He also loves going for his walks and he will need someone who is pretty strong and active to keep up with him. If he sees anything worth watching, he will plonk himself down for around 10 minutes to have a closer look! This cute behaviour always  brings a smile to his carer’s face.

Bruiser is a wonderful boy, but he will need patient owners who can help him get used to living in a house. He will need someone around pretty much all day who can keep him company while he adjusts. This means that his new owners will need to be committed dog lovers who are willing and able to provide Bruiser with the love and support he needs to get him settled into his new life.

Bruiser is such a warm-hearted and amusing character and it breaks his carers’ hearts to see him still waiting for his forever home after all this time.

Please don’t overlook this lovely boy; he needs a loving and experienced home with people who will give him a chance to learn what a dog’s life really should be!

If you would like to offer Bruiser a happy future, please contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 0151 931 1604

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