This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Milo the teddy bear! (Oldies Club, fostered Dorset)

Update March 2020:
Milo is doing well and we thought we would add these new photos of him looking extremely handsome. He had a couple of vestibular episodes in mid-2019 which made him very wobbly, gave him a head tilt, and seemed to affect his eyesight. However he has gradually improved bit by bit and, although still not completely back to his old self, his head tilt has virtually gone and he is much happier and healthier. Long may this continue, as Milo is the most loving and devoted old teddy bear that you could ever wish to meet and his besotted mum loves him so very, very much.


This gorgeous teddy bear of a dog is Milo, a 10 year old Staffy x Collie x German Shepherd who came into the Oldies Club rescue because his owner was moving into a flat and couldn’t take her dogs with her.

Milo spent a few months in a foster home where he received fabulous care and fitted in very well, but his foster carers couldn’t keep him long-term and so Milo moved into foster with one of the Oldies Club’s trustees. Milo made himself at home straight away and is the most loving and sweet-natured teddy bear of a dog. He gets on well with the resident dogs — fellow oldie Australian Sam, and young loopy Lulu. His new foster carers quickly decided that they would adopt Milo!

Milo has a few ongoing health problems, but he doesn’t let them stop him enjoying life. He has been found to have a very erratic heartbeat and is having medication to try to get it under control. He is a very good boy when he has to have an ECG or wear a 24-hour heart monitor, and he seems to know that he is very special.

Milo relaxing in a coffee shop while wearing his heart monitor!

He has to have areas shaved each time he has heart monitoring, and this has revealed that he is a brindle boy underneath those flowing locks!

Milo walks with a pronounced limp and he is having medication for arthritis, but he still enjoys gentle walks with his new friends – so long as you don’t stop to chat, as then he will bark, sounding like a sea lion, to try to keep you moving. If you take no notice he takes the opportunity to lie down and rest his legs!

Milo on holiday with his new friends in Cornwall

When he’s out and about, Milo always makes a beeline for people, especially children, as he knows that no-one can resist his charms and that he is bound to receive a stroke, possibly even a cuddle, and always a good dose of admiration.

Milo is such a dear old boy and his new family hope that they will have plenty of time to enjoy having him around. But even if his health problems do mean that he might not have as long a life as he might have otherwise, he will have given them so much love and joy that it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Milo is happy.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.