Daisy & Alice (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Daisy (Pointer X, aged 10) and Alice (Labrador X, aged 8) are a well-bonded pair of beauties who have sadly found themselves at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool due to their owner’s ill health.

Daisy and Alice were originally adopted from Freshfields: Daisy in 2013 and then Alice in 2014. Although Freshfields are sad to see them back, they are glad they could offer the girls safety once more.

Daisy and Alice are delightful dogs. They are friendly, sociable and full of fun! They have been no trouble since they arrived back at Freshfields and their personalities are starting to blossom as they settle in.

These lovely ladies need a home where they can stay together. They are best friends after all! Daisy and Alice would be best as your only pets but could live with children aged 12+. They would benefit from a home with a large garden to explore and where they will have plenty of walks and stimulation.

Daisy currently has a tooth abscess, but this will be remedied shortly. Alice also requires dental surgery. Apart from this, both girls appear to be in good health and are still very active.

Could you offer these darlings a new home together?

Contact Freshfields as follows:

Email: kennels@freshfields.org.uk to receive an application form

Please mention that you saw the girls on the Oldies Club website.

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