Dave (Manchester Dogs Home)

Dave is an adorable 15-year-old Crossbreed boy who is at Manchester Dogs Home and desperately needs a new home.

He is a typical older gentleman in that he is a bit set in his ways, so needs a home where he won’t be forced to do things that he doesn’t want to do. He’s on the small side of medium at about 7kg.

Dave needs a laid-back, adult-only home where there are no visitors as he is easily startled by sudden movements and doesn’t like his space being invaded. He might be 15 but he is still active and loves his walks. And if you provide him with a squeaky ball to play with he will be your best friend, but be warned that he doesn’t share!

Dave enjoys a walk with other dogs but he doesn’t like cats. He needs a home without children. He hasn’t been neutered and is too old to have this done now. Dave has cataracts but this won’t stop him enjoying a new life. He just needs a lovely person to offer him a home. And, who knows, if you provide the patience and understanding he needs, and simply let Dave be Dave, in time you might even be honoured to get a kiss from this little old chap!

Could you offer Dave a very quiet home?

Contact Alison of Manchester Dogs Home for more information about Dave, as follows:

Email: abilson@dogshome.net

Please mention that you saw Dave on the Oldies Club website.

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