Fluke (National Animal Welfare Trust, Cornwall)

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30/5/21 – Fluke is now reserved for a new home!

Super smart Fluke is a 7 year old Husky in the care of National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Hayle, Cornwall. He’s looking for new owners who have previous experience owning Huskies and who live within Cornwall.

He has this to say for himself, “My favourite thing in life is going for walks and I’ll happily keep going for miles, so new owners with an active lifestyle is essential. I’m also extremely intelligent and love to learn new tricks and keep my brain busy!

“Unfortunately, I’m not fond of other dogs. My friends at NAWT have taught me how to wear a muzzle, this is something which I will need to wear when out on my walks to ensure my safety, the safety of other dogs and give other dog owners the heads up that I’m not dog friendly. I have been working on my social skills and passing dogs nicely when on my walks and this is something my new owners will need to continue once I am rehomed.

“I want an adult-only home without many visitors. I’d love a home in a rural location where I can go for walks in quieter areas and a new home with a large secure garden is essential so I have somewhere I can safely run and play with my toys as I will need to be kept on a lead or long line at all times when out in public.

“Although I am very beautiful, I am also a very complex boy who needs to be given a lot of time and patience. It’s important to me that I am able to take things at my own pace, if rushed I can become overwhelmed and lose my confidence which means taking steps backwards in the progress I have been making.

“Anyone who thinks they might be nice enough for me will need to visit several times to build up a bond and then let me have a couple of sleep overs at your place before I decide anything. This is so that I am able to establish a strong relationship with my adopters as I am very uncomfortable being handled and touched unless I have a good bond with someone first and my friends here will want to make sure I completely trust you.”

Due to the many visits any potential owner will be required to do as part of the adoption process, plus follow up training and support once rehomed, NAWT  are unable to rehome Fluke outside of Cornwall. It’s high time he found the perfect owners because, safe and loved though he is now, kennels are no substitute for a proper home!

If you’re not the perfect fit for Fluke then please help spread the word about him however you can…

If you live in Cornwall and would like to meet him, please contact National Animal Welfare Trust as follows:

Phone:   01736 756005  

Email:  CornwallReception@nawt.org.uk

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This replaces Fluke’s previous page dated 13 September 2020.

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