Raffie (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Raffie is an 11-year-old Staffy boy who was homed a year ago by Rescue Remedies but returned as he became choosy with other dogs. He is a sensitive soul and needs company so you can imagine how upset he is to be back in kennels. He’s near Gatwick on the Surrey/West Sussex border getting spoilt by volunteer dog walkers while he waits for the perfect person to find him and make him feel safe at last.

Raffie has a loving and friendly temperament and wants a home where he will have company and not be left on his own too much. He has no experience of being around young children and has always been in an adult-only household. A peaceful home as an only pet and a sensible routine of nice walks and pottering at home is what he’s looking for.

Raffie needs an owner or two with experience of keeping a dog calm when worrying things happen, like fireworks or anything too sudden or alarming. When he’s been too stressed and left on his own, he has had accidents in the house but with plenty of walks, garden play time and a happy, settled life-style, this should be a thing of the past. All he wants is to love and to know he’s loved in return. He also loves long walks and playing with his ball. A tuckered out dog…

…is a happy dog!

A volunteer at the rescue said, “Raffie is wonderful. On entering his kennel I got a full body staffie wiggle as he came over for cuddles. He is the most delightful, affectionate boy. We headed out, first for his photo shoot…

“…and then for a little explore around the woods. He can be a bit pulley on the lead but this was just his enthusiasm and excitement of being out and some pent up energy too. I am sure with longer walks and some off lead play in the paddock he will relax more on the lead. A very friendly, typical staffie.”

If you’re the kind, settled sort of person who could give this loving boy the safety and fun he needs, please read Rescue Remedies’ rehoming process here…

…and then filling their homing questionnaire here.

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

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