Roxy (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Adorable Roxy came into the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool due to a change in her owners’ circumstances. When she arrived, she was unfortunately struggling with some skin issues causing a loss of fur. In spite of this, Roxy has shown to be a very friendly, affectionate girl who is full of life, especially for her age! She’s a typical terrier – loves a good game of fetch and gathering all the tennis balls.

Roxy is a black and fawn Lakeland/Patterdale Terrier Cross and she is 10 years old. She has not shown any behavioural problems with the kennel staff, however, she is reactive towards dogs and her previous owner did advise she is quite feisty around them so needs to be kept at a distance when out and about.

Roxy is looking for a quiet home with people who are around most of the time as she loves company. She cannot live with other dogs and does not like cats. Roxy may be okay with visiting children as she has been around children aged 8+. However this would be dependent on introductions at the Rescue.

Roxy has been vet-checked and her skin issues are long term allergies which have not been treated. Her skin is currently being managed by a combination of steroids and medicated baths. These medications may be reduced over time as her skin improves and a treatment is found which she can continue with long-term. Her future family will need to be committed to monitoring her skin for any changes as well as regular vet appointments to make sure she is comfortable.
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If you are interested in adopting Roxy, please download and complete Freshfields’ Dog Adoption Application Form by clicking HERE, or

Phone: 0151 931 1604 (11am – 3.30pm, any day except Mondays)

Please mention that you saw Roxy on the Oldies Club website.

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