DJ and Milo (Dogs Friends, Somerset)

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This handsome pair of big hunks is DJ, a Rottweiler/Staffie Cross aged 9, and his best friend, Milo, a St. Bernard/Great Dane Cross who is 6 years old. They are an older pair who are very bonded, having come from a home where they have been very much loved. They are looking for a home together with the help of Dogs Friends in Wells, Somerset.

DJ and Milo, arrived in care in May 2022 and all of the volunteers fell in love with them very quickly. Both boys are incredibly well-behaved and are really no trouble. This sweet pair really are the definition of gentle giants. They are both very laid-back dogs, so please don’t let their size put you off.

DJ weighs 48kgs and Milo is 65kgs and they are neutered. They have started their weight-loss routine and are doing so well. This is helped by the fact they love bounding around the secure paddock together. Anyone in the paddock with these boys at play time will be blessed with plenty of kisses and opportunities for belly rubs.

DJ and Mil would be best suited to being the only dogs in the home, and, as they are not cat tested, a cat-free home is preferred. Due to their size, a home with children aged 12+ is the perfect match for these giants.

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If you can’t resist these gorgeous gentle giants, please complete an Adoption Enquiry Form here, or as follows:

Phone:   0845 6014 644 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

Please say you saw DJ and Milo on the Oldies Club website.

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