Kane and Caesar (On the Way Home Dog Rescue, Cheshire)

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Sadly, Kane and Caesar have spent their entire lives having been used as guard dogs, living outside with minimum comfort. They are now being looked after by On the Way Home Rescue and are currently living in the Ollerton/Knutsford area in Cheshire.

Kane and Caesar are a bonded pair of male Cane Corsos aged 8 years. They are not accustomed to wearing a collar, being on a lead or being walked, although Caesar did go on the lead recently with no problems. They also do not play with toys as they have never had any. Upon a recent visit, they both allowed strokes while eating treats and started to crave affection in no time at all.

Kane is more nervous than Caesar and is reserved in his approach to new humans and neither is used to females but they show no aggression, just nervousness. Caesar is very friendly and Kane looks to Caesar for guidance and reassurance and follows what he does. Despite how these two have lived, they are lovely dogs and they need to be kept together as, on a recent vet trip for Caesar, Kane was distraught while he was absent.

Kane is in very good condition, is very fit and of the correct weight. Caesar however is overweight and is arthritic. He is on Metacam which has improved his mobility.

A kennel or conservatory would be ideal for these two lovely boys where they can be slowly introduced to the home environment and outside world. Kane and Caesar would be suited to a home with no young children as they deserve full-time commitment solely on them for the remainder of their years.
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If you think you have the perfect home for Kane and Caesar, please contact On the Way Home Dog Rescue as follows:

Tel: 07931 637 391
Email: info@onthewayhome.co.uk

Please mention that you saw Kane and Caesar on the Oldies Club website.

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