Louis & Pandora (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

Louis on the left and Pandora on the right

Louis and Pandora are about 7 years old and they are with Animal Action Trust in Essex. They cannot be split up, so only enquire if you can offer them both a home.

They are little darlings with no issues, but unfortunately they were being left for 12 hours a day, and therefore need a new home. They adore cuddles but shy away from small children who pull them about. A quiet, adult home where they will have lots of love and company would suit them well.

Louis is the black and tan one and he had an ulcer in his eye; the eye subsequently had to be removed on the advice of the vet. Other than that they have no other health issues. They are overweight though and this does need addressing. Sensible diet and regular walking will be essential for them.

Pandora is a lilac Chihuahua and she is adorable. She likes to be huddled into and under blankets at night. They both love walks and are not fazed by anything. They have not been having enough walks and that has been a problem for them. They will use a pad indoors, due to their old lifestyle of being left for long hours, but they do prefer to be let out.

Could you offer the pair of them a quiet home with company and regular walks?

Contact Animal Action Trust as follows:

Phone: Lu on 07905 936863 or 01277 634406
E-mail: animalrescueaction@icloud.com

Give details of: your work, dog experience, area you live, your age, and how the dogs would be kept and looked after.

Please mention that you saw them on the Oldies Club website.

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