Prinny (Jerry Green, South Lincolnshire)

Prinny is a 9-year-old, sweet-natured Spaniel X who is at Jerry Green’s South Lincolnshire centre in Algarkirk, Lincolnshire.

Prinny finds the world quite a scary place and so she is looking for a special home with someone who will provide her with the safety, security and love she needs. She is particularly scared of traffic and other dogs, so needs a quiet spot in the countryside with a low level dog population, where she can learn to relax gradually. A home without children, as the only pet, with minimal visitors and no visiting children or animals, is what she needs.

She loves being out on walks, exploring all the new sniffs that the countryside brings. In true spaniel style, she just can’t stop her tail from wagging!

Prinny’s new owners will need to be patient and hands-off while she learns to be comfortable and starts to feel more confident. New people do worry her, so her new owners will need to visit her at the centre on several occasions. Once she has learnt that her new home isn’t scary, she will be a lovely member of the family. She is simply bursting with affection to give to her new people once she has made friends with you.

Could you offer Prinny an adult-only, pet-free home with few visitors?

Contact Jerry Green South Lincolnshire as follows:

Tel: 01205 260546

Please mention that you saw Prinny on the Oldies Club website.

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