In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Sophie (Dogs Trust, Glasgow)

27/9/13 – Sad news from Dogs Trust Glasgow – ‘Sophie has sadly passed away. Her back end deteriorated badly and she had to be put to sleep as she couldn’t walk but her favourite carer and favourite volunteer cuddled her and comforted her and said their goodbyes. It was very peaceful and dignified, as she deserved.’ Run free, Sophie.

Sophie is a splendid 9 year old Rottie Cross who is at Dogs Trust’s Glasgow Rehoming Centre.

Sohpie is a sweet girl who has mixed with both dogs and children before, so a home with either could be considered. However, Sophie has pain in her elbows and hips, for which she is on medication, and the pain can make a her a little grumbly and tetchy some days. Dogs Trust would prefer a quiet, adult home for Sophie, so that on days when she feels a bit poorly she can chill out in her own space.

Sophie struggles with stairs and getting into anything high like a big car, so would ideally like a home that’s all on the flat, where she won’t have to use stairs – with a garden she can potter in. Sophie still likes to go for regular short walks.

Sophie is housetrained and happy to be left for short periods. She can be a little wary meeting new people but quickly makes friends and is very loyal. She loves toys – sometimes a little too much and sometimes decides cuddly toys are all hers and not to be touched by naughty humans! It’s lovely to see her enjoying a good play and her cheeky nature makes you laugh!

Sophie is a very large dog and is carrying some extra weight and so she is on a diet at the moment which, along with regular short walks, will help alleviate her pain. She is neutered.

Sophie will require ongoing pain relief for her joint problems. The centre vet team will happily discuss this with her new owner, and the vet fees will be assisted by Dogs Trust’s Shared Adoption Scheme.


If you would like to find out more about Sophie, please contact Dogs Trust Glasgow as follows:

Tel: 0141 773 5130

Please mention that you saw Sophie on the Oldies Club website.


In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.