In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Max (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

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3/12/15 – Sad news today from Dogs Trust: ‘Sorry to bring you the sad news that Max our 11 year old Kelpie crossbreed has passed away. He was with his favourite carer, our Assistant Manager Kerrie. He had an illness but left in true fashion of avoiding a vet visit and had a morning walk and play with his best friend Biscuit. We are all devastated about this.’ Sleep well, old boy.

Handsome Max, a Kelpie cross, loves chasing balls and playing with toys and would do so all day if possible! Max is 11 years old and has been waiting many months at Dogs Trust West Calder in Scotland for his perfect people to find him and bring him home. He really hopes he will not be waiting much longer!

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Although Max loves to play and is a very sweet boy when he gets to know you, he is also quite nervous and insecure. Poor Max does become easily stressed in new or strange situations and he needs a patient owner who can give him structure and boundaries, as well as plenty of reassurance and kindness. He is doing better and has developed a close bond with the Assistant Manager at the rescue who he trusts with his life.

Max (right) with a friend
Max (right) with a friend

Max loves a game of fetch and also enjoys playing with kongs and chewing on bones and is given plenty of these at the rescue. He also enjoys walking out with Biscuit, another oldie at the rescue. The two of them love to go exploring together.

You can see Max in action in the video below:

Max could live with a suitable canine companion, but he would like an adult home or one where any children are older and used to dogs. He needs a calm, peaceful environment and time to adjust to his new life. He would also like an active owner who will play with him and take him for the walks he loves!

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Max is a very well behaved boy in the home and is happy to be left for a few hours on his own. He really just needs a very special person who will help him feel safe, secure and loved. He has shown himself capable of developing lasting bonds to caring people so if his special person is reading this, he or she will find themselves with a loyal, fun companion to relax and hang out with.

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Are you Max’s special someone? If so, please contact Dogs Trust West Calder as follows:

Tel: 01506 873459

Please mention that you saw Max featured on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Max’s original entry dated 7 December 2014.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.