In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Roxy (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

31/3/15 – We have just has the sad news that Roxy collapsed and was diagnosed with a ruptured abdomen. Sadly she was too ill to save and she passed away peacefully in the arms of the NAWT volunteers. Run free Roxy.


Beautiful Roxy is a 13 year old Rottie cross girl who has been waiting in rescue with National Animal Welfare Trust in Berkshire for much too long now. As Roxy is as intelligent as she is beautiful, she will take over the story from here in her own words:

‘Hello everyone, my name is Roxy! I have been in rescue awhile now since my owner became too unwell to take care of me. I’m 13 years old and really hoping to find somewhere soon as I really have been waiting too long.

As you can see from my pictures I am a beautiful Rottweiler cross. I was very overweight when I arrived but after being placed on a diet and having my exercise increased I have slimmed down and managed to lose 6 kilos. I am looking and feeling much better for it.’

‘I am a big soppy girl once you get to know me but I would be better in a home that has Rottweiler experience. I can be protective over my owner when out and about as I wasn’t walked much in my previous home. I never got used to people walking past me so it can be a little scary still. Having said that I am easily bought off with food and I am doing well making friends at the rescue. I would like a home without small children though as I have no experience of them.’

‘My lead manners are good and I walk really nicely as long as there isn’t an interesting sniff to catch my attention! For the most part I will happily wander alongside you taking in the views and enjoying your company.

I’m a bouncy girl with other dogs as I have not had much chance to learn manners! I could live with a large male dog who can withstand my clumsiness while I learn some rules but I don’t think any girls would put up with me.’

‘Unfortunately, in my opinion, cats and small scurrying animals are fun to chase so they won’t let me be re-homed with them. I think that’s really unfair as I would have such fun!

Since losing the weight my energy levels have increased and I love to run about in the offlead paddocks here. I think I’m closer to 3 years old than 13, however I don’t keep the running up for long. I will sometimes even indulge in a game of fetch for as long as I want to give the toy back, eventually I like to just lie down and gnaw on it though.’

‘My favourite thing ever is to have cuddles on the sofa. Once I am back in my room after my walk I love to climb up next to you, preferably with a portion of me in your lap, and settle down to watch TV.

I’m a brilliant girl who has been waiting far too long, are you the one for me?’

As you can see, Roxy is just a beautiful, happy and lovable old girl who acts much younger than her age. If you can offer her the home she is looking for, please don’t keep her waiting any longer.

If Roxy can join your family, please contact NAWT as follows:

Tel: 01488 638584

You can also fill out the contact form on their website.

Please mention that you saw Roxy featured on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Roxy’s original entry dated 27 August 2014.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.