In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Alfie (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Northampton)

Alfie 3

2/8/16 We are sad to hear that Alfie became ill and has sadly passed away :(

Big, cuddly Alfie is a 10 year old Labrador crossed Mastiff, fostered in Northampton through Wonky Pets Rescue. He can be rehomed further afield suject to a successful home check. He’s looking for a quiet retirement with no other dogs or cats although, he might be ok with an older, female dog. He needs short walks and a human or two who will have enough will power to keep him on his diet. A tough call with those huge, imploring eyes of his! He could perhaps live with sensible children, over 14. He can be left at home for a few hours and is an all round, very good boy.


Alfie loves his home comforts and being with his people. He enjoys his walks, getting excited at the start of one, so he can pull a bit at first. He soons settles down and potters happily on the lead. He gets on ok with other dogs, particularly calm ones. He finds bouncy dogs quite annoying. He’s a peace loving fellow. Mastiff’s are known for their kind, noble nature. If they sense a threat they will put themselves between it and their owner. If two of their family members are arguing they will stand in the middle, as a buffer. Add this to the loving nature of a Labrador and you have a recipe for a dog that exudes reassurance and love from every pore.

Alfie 1

Alfie will tell you when he needs a fuss. He gives amazing cuddles and there’s so much of him to love! He came to Wonky Pets Rescue very overweight. They said, “Alfie has been on a bit of a diet and has shed lots of weight, he still currently weighs in …at 50kg! and has some more weight to lose but apart from some lumps and bumps (which our vets have confirmed are just age related fatty lumps and an ingrowing hair follicle) and some arthritis in his back legs and knees he is otherwise in good health. Alfie is now on daily metacam (anti inflammatory and pain relief), joint supplements and turmeric paste and is having 3 short walks a day. He is like a different dog from the one that arrived a few weeks ago and is getting stronger on those legs by the day.” His new owner must be committed to continuing Alfie’s rehabilitation but he’s worth the effort. He’s so cute!

Alfie 2

You can read a bit more about Alfie here. If you want to adopt Alfie send an e-mail outlining your home circumtances, dog owning experience etc. to:

Please mention that you saw Alfie on the Oldies Club website. Thank you!

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.