In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Fabulous Florence (Oldies Club)

Florence sadly became very poorly and has had to be put to sleep. Sweet dreams, Florence. :(


Florence is a very laid back 12 year old American Bulldog who needs to come back into the Oldies Club rescue as the other dog in her adoptive home has taken a real dislike to Florence. Florence has moved to a temporary home but we need to bring her back into our care as soon as possible and we don’t have any suitable foster homes available. We are therefore appealing for someone to come forward and offer to foster Florence. We will arrange transport to your home and cover any vet care she might need while she is in foster.

Although we are initially seeking a foster home for Florence, we are happy to hear from anyone wanting to foster her with a view to subsequently adopting her.

We are looking for a quiet foster home for Florence where she will be your only pet and where there are no young children as she isn’t used to living with them. She has arthritis and doesn’t need much exercise. In fact she isn’t interested in going for walks at all and has needed a lot of encouragement from her current owner just to go for a wander around the garden and have a little sniff about.

Florence would happily spend all day on her sofa if you allowed her to! She is happy to be left on her own while you go out for a few hours and she is quiet. She is clean in the home, but you might need to remind her she has to get up from her slumbers to go out for a wee, until she has settled and is used to her new home and routine.

She is good in the car, she just needs a little help getting in, and then she seems to enjoy the ride. She can’t manage steps so her foster home would need to be easily accessible.

Florence led a very limited life in her original home and she is still getting used to the various sights and sounds of normal life.

Florence when she originally came into the Oldies Club rescue

She was very nervous and frightened when she first came into rescue but she is gradually starting to enjoy having new experiences and is slowly realising that the outdoors is not a scary place. Florence now enjoys greeting visitors to the home and her adopter said: “It is a delight to watch the butterfly slowly emerging and spreading her wings.”

Florence is on medication for arthritis. In January she had a dental and also had some mammary lumps removed. She has some other small lumps around her head and neck which might be cysts. Florence was very overweight when she first came to us and the vets say she is an “old” old dog due to her past life and condition, but she is comfortable. Her weight is now down to something sensible and she is having regular hydrotherapy which she thoroughly enjoys and it helps her back end movement. She needs 3-monthly nail clips as she cannot walk very well when her nails get long as she does not have the mobility in her back legs to grip.

Oh, and she snores… loudly!!!

Florence really is one in a million. Could you offer Florence a foster home with a nice garden to potter in and a quiet place for her to snooze the days away?

If you could offer Florence a suitable foster home, please contact us as follows:


Oldies Club will arrange transport to the foster home and will cover the cost of any medical care Florence might need while she is in foster. You can read more about fostering for Oldies Club here.

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.