Denzel (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Denzel is a sweet crossbreed boy who looks like a compact little shepherd, bless him! He is about 12 years old and is with Love Underdogs in Essex after spending his life in Romania, probably on the streets or kept in someone’s yard. He ended up at a pound and then subsequently moved to the UK.

Denzel is a wonderful dog who immediately became a huge favourite with the staff and volunteers at Love Underdogs. When you go to get him for his walk, Denzel does a great little tap dancing number for you as he’s so excited. And he takes his walks very seriously indeed. He has mastered the art of mindful walking and it is quite inspiring!

Denzel wants a home where he is an only dog as he can be a little intolerant of them, and at his time in life he deserves to have all the attention to himself. With people, he is absolutely great, but he is a little unsure of men who aren’t accompanied by a dog.

He would love a home with lots of affection on offer as he loves nothing more than receiving attention from people. He likes close body contact and loves to lean into you, pretending he’s a lap dog.

Denzel is an old boy who has probably had very little in the way of comfort throughout his life. He is a little grumpy with other dogs, and with some men out on walks, but it’s nothing that should faze an experienced dog owner.

Love Underdogs are hoping that Denzel will find the love and happiness he deserves for his retirement years.

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