Lizzie (Loving Homes Dog Rescue, fostered Scottish Borders)

Please meet the lovely Lizzie, a 9 year old Staffy cross who is currently in a Loving Homes Dog Rescue foster home in the Scottish Borders.

Lizzie shares her foster home with other dogs and is very good with them, but can get jealous when they’re all playing and she’ll react by barking. She may be able to share her new home with another calm dog, following a gentle introduction.

When out and about on walks, Lizzie can be quite active if she has a ball to play with, but she generally enjoys sniffing and exploring. She walks well on her lead, but is also getting used to walking in a harness and figure of 8 lead and this is working out well. Her recall isn’t too good yet, but this is work in progress.

Lizzie is always happy to meet new people, she adores everyone and barks with excitement. She’s great with children, but would probably be better suited to a home where any children are older (aged 11 years +) as she may startle little ones.

Lots of playtime is required for Lizzie please. She enjoys a rope toy and likes to play tug of war with you. She’ll need indestructible toys though or will “kill” them straight away!

Lizzie unfortunately suffers from separation anxiety and gets scared if left alone, or shut in another room. Her foster mum is working on this, but whoever adopts her will need to continue by gradually building up the time she’s left alone.

Lizzie just needs a little patience and a family to dote on her. Could you offer her the home she deserves?


To find out more about Lizzie, please contact Loving Homes Dog Rescue as follows;


Please mention that you saw Lizzie on the Oldies Club website.


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