This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Maisie (Rescue Remedies, kennelled West Sussex)

25/07/18 – We are absolutely over the moon to hear that Maisie has finally found her elusive home, after years in rescue, and her owners found her via our website! Have a fabulous time there now Maisie – you truly deserve it!


Maisie is a 9 year old Staffy girl who hasn’t had much of a life at all and is one of the most deserving dogs on our website. Please help Maisie by sharing her page, and if you think you could offer her the home she has been waiting for, please do enquire about her.

I’m trying to put a brave face on being unwanted.

Maisie spent her early years kept in a flat, being used to produce litter after litter. It was no life at all. Maisie then started the rescue chapter of her life and was in a couple of other rescues before arriving at Rescue Remedies 3 years ago. She’s currently in kennels in West Sussex. Spending years in kennels isn’t good for any dog, and poor Maisie’s eyes show the sadness of a long-term rescue dog in many of her photos. But she has at least had some weekend breaks in foster homes to break up her dull kennel life. And you can see in these photos how relaxed she looks when she is out in a temporary foster home.

This is me on a weekend foster break. I love being in a warm, comfortable house.
This weekend foster carer has a wonderful supply of snuggly blankets.
Mmmm. Toasty.

When Maisie’s back in kennels, she does at least have her own armchair.

I have an armchair in my kennel. Now I just need a home.

And one of her devoted fans has recently knitted Maisie a lovely coat to help her keep warm.

One of my admirers has knitted me a warm jumper.
Thank you for my jumper, nice person.

The time she has spent in weekend foster homes has proved that Maisie is very well-behaved in the home. She is housetrained, quiet, and is happy to be left on her own while you go out. In fact, she is an absolute darling to have around the home and will delight in snoozing on your sofa. She also enjoys a trip out in the car. Maisie seems to enjoy being around children and could probably live with older dog-savvy ones. Maisie loves to have cuddles and kisses from everyone.

I love a cuddle.
I love a kiss.

The only reason Maisie is struggling to find a permanent home is that there are so many staffies that need homes, therefore anyone wanting to adopt a staffy has thousands of dogs to choose from. Naturally, the most sociable staffies that can live with other dogs and cats get picked first as they have a bigger pool of potential homes. And because Maisie needs a home where she is the only pet, she is constantly overlooked.

I’m happy to walk on the lead beside this calm boy, but no pesky bouncy dogs in my face please.

Maisie goes for on-lead walks with calm male dogs at the kennels, but she doesn’t like it when dogs approach her bouncily or run up to her intrusively, and so she needs to stay on her lead and walk in quiet places. Maisie walks nicely on the lead and she thoroughly enjoys her walks.

Thank you for taking me out for a walk.

She loves to roll on the grass and throw her legs in the air. She also loves to play with toys and would like a nice garden to play and relax in with her new family. In fact, if she had a large garden to play in, you would only need to pop her out for short walks, so the fact that she can’t go off lead shouldn’t be an issue.

I’d love a garden of my own to play and relax in.

The thing Maisie wants most is someone special to devote herself to. She has lots of people that cuddle her and walk her, but she knows that none of those people are ‘hers’.

So many people but none of them are mine.

Maisie has spent years waiting for someone to be hers. Someone to love, and know that they love her just as much as she loves them. Shouldn’t every dog have that?

I’ll keep waiting here in my kennel. One day I’ll have a lovely family of my own, won’t I?


If you could be the wonderful person that Maisie is waiting to meet, please contact Rescue Remedies by completing the Rescue Remedies online Homing Questionnaire here.

Please mention that you saw Maisie on the Oldies Club website.

You can see loads of photos and updates from Maisie’s adoring band of dog walkers here on Maisie’s Rescue Remedies forum thread and watch a short video here.


This replaces Maisie’s original Oldies Club page dated 2 February 2016.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.