This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Mandy (Private Rehoming, Scotland)

3/3/19 – Mandy has found a new home!

Pretty girl Mandy is a petite Cross of 12 years, who’s being rehomed privately after her owner sadly passed away. She’s currently in foster care in Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Mandy can live with other dogs, after peaceful introductions. She doesn’t really interact with other dogs. Even a puppy bouncing up in her face doesn’t affect her equanimity. She should be fine living with calm, older children. It’s unknown how she is with cats in the home but she hasn’t chased any when she’s seen them out and about. She’s a really friendly girl, who greets everyone with squashed down ears and a happy, wiggly bottom!

Mandy’s Collie credentials come to the fore whenever there’s a ball in sight. She has the high intelligence and drive of a working Collie and her chosen career is ball wrangling. Her foster carer has found it best to keep balls hidden until it’s time for a walk. Otherwise, Mandy gets no rest from her important profession and constantly brings balls (and toys) to her feet. She’s much calmer in the home when she can’t see a ball and she’s allowed to be off duty!

Mandy is very fit still. If she does too much running around after the ball, she gets a bit stiff. She doesn’t know her limits, so needs her owner to be sensible for her and stop when she’s had enough. She loves being out on walks and is very obedient but is quite deaf. Sometimes frantic waving is needed to get her attention! She likes to do a couple of quite long walks a day but, if you can only do a shorter one some days, she’s just as happy to potter about the house and spend a lazy day with you.

One of the best things about walks for Mandy is meeting people! The ears fold back and the bum wiggles from side to side. She makes everyone who she walks past giggle! She likes kissing people too.

Mandy is good in the car but might need help jumping into a high boot, if she’s feeling a bit stiff. She’s a good girl in the house and can be left for about 3 hours.

Mandy has always been robust and healthy. Her hearing and possibly her eyesight are not perfect these days and she does get stiff sometimes, but she’s basically on top form for her age.

She’s a very special little lady. Full of love, friendly to all and always wanting to please her human. She’s the perfect companion!

Mandy is being rehomed by her foster carer, Judith, who was her dog walker previously. She’s very fond of Mandy and will carry out the usual checks, including a homecheck, on potential adopters. She has confirmed that she would take Mandy back if an adoption didn’t work out for any reason.

If you’d like to find out more about Mandy, please contact Judith as follows:

Please say you saw Mandy featured as a private rehoming on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.