This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Mr. Jingles (Leicester Animal Aid)

30/6/2018 Such good news that gentle giant, Mr. Jingles, has at last found his forever home. Have a wonderful life, Mr. JIngles.
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Just how handsome is this gentle giant, Mr. Jingles, an 8 year old Bull Mastiff Cross? He’s in the care of Leicester Animal Aid while he would love to be pampered in his own, forever home.

Mr. Jingles is somewhat larger than a mouse but just as gentle in nature. He would be a true friend who loves a cuddle and certainly have a go at trying to squeeze next to you on the sofa. It is in his nature to protect and be a loyal companion, so he is seeking an experienced Bull Mastiff household with older teenage children and no other animals. He can be a bit of a bulldozer in the garden so everywhere should be secure!

Mr. Jingles loves to travel and would enjoy sightseeing trips together while enjoying his retirement. He is not a water baby and doesn’t have sea legs so he would prefer to stay on land. As he is slowly maturing, he enjoys light exercise and short potters to keep the old bones moving, stretch the legs and shake those cobwebs away.

Mr. Jingles does like a good Scooby-type snack but he is quite selfish and will not share those tasty morsels. Also, he doesn’t really like going to the Vet unless necessary as he doesn’t feel at ease there.
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If you like big cuddles and could offer Mr. Jingles his perfect home or you would like more information, please contact Leicester Animal Aid as follows:

Please phone: 01455 888257
or fill in an interested parties form here.

Please mention you saw Mr. Jingles on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.