This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Shola & Carly (Rescue Remedies, W. Sussex)

14/1/19 – Shola & Carly have found a new home!

Rescue Remedies present to you Shola and Carly, who are currently melting the hearts of everyone they meet at their kennels in Gatwick, West Sussex.

They are a pair of strongly bonded Staffy girls, both are on the small side. Shola is 13 years old, Carly is 4. They’d been neglected and starved previously and Shola had some lumps and bumps to sort out, but they’re now happy, well rounded ladies who are ready to find their new family.

Several volunteer walkers at the rescue have said the following about them…“I was a little concerned whether Shola would manage one of our treks. She isn’t young and she is still shaved from her recent surgery to remove some lumps. I needn’t have worried! Both dogs were so easy to harness up and very happy to set out.

“They both show the signs of abuse, neglect and a hard life, I am sure Shola has been used as a breeding machine, but their little tails wagged happily all through their walk. Shola not only kept up, but took the lead, with a little skip and a jump. Carly is such a pretty little pup. It is humbling to see how much love and trust these two have in humans, after everything they have been through.”

“…we were met with sheer joy and exuberance this morning in their kennel. Carly will pinch all the treats from Shola if she isn’t quick enough but nobody seems to mind. We had a lovely walk, and we were both surprised how far Shola wanted to walk and didn’t really seem her age. Both girls walk very nicely and are well mannered. Carly will nibble your hand for attention but it’s nothing mouthy. Both dogs crave cuddles and are really appreciative of all the love and attention they are getting.”

“These two walk to heel and were calm around the other dogs we met on the walk. They are obviously happy together and enjoy each other’s company. Both dogs have a calm energy and polite manner, in fact the walk was almost effortless and no corrections needed.”

“Off we went to the paddock for a run about. Carly found a tennis ball and wanted John to play with her, teasing him by bringing the ball then running off with it! Shola decided to sit with me and watch. We went and sat in the hut and Carly brought the tennis ball with her. She jumped on John’s lap and proceeded to try and give him kisses with a tennis ball in her mouth. So endearing!”

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If you’d like to enquire about Shola and Carly, please contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online homing questionnaire.

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Please say you saw Shola and Carly on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.