Bailey (RSPCA Westmorland, Cumbria)

RSPCA Westmorland in Cumbria would like to introduce dear Bailey. He is a black and white Terrier and is approximately 12 years old. Bailey is being rehomed under the Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme (EARS) which offers financial support with vets’ fees.

Bailey would love to be given a caring, adult home where he is the only pet, though he could possibly live with older, considerate children. Being a terrier, he thinks cats are something to chase, so no cats please.

Bailey might be twelve years old, but there is certainly a lot of life left in him and he’s young at heart. He is such a happy little chap and he’s a firm favourite with the staff at the kennels. He loves to have ‘office-time’ where he can enjoy lots of fuss and attention – and get treats, of course.

Bailey trots along very nicely on the lead and does a very cute ‘sit’ and ‘paw’. He can be left for short periods with no problem. This little guy has so much love and affection to give.
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If you would like to take Bailey home, please contact the RSPCA Westmorland as follows:

Tel: 07584 571398
Or fill in their Application to Adopt here.

Please mention that you saw Bailey on the Oldies Club website.

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