This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Bella (Starfish Dog Rescue, fostered Goucestershire)

15/12/19 – Bella now has a new home to go to – yay!

Bella is a 7 year old Pug x Chihuahua girl who is with Starfish Dog Rescue, being fostered in Gloucestershire with 2 other dogs and visiting grandchildren.

Bella was let down by her previous owners. Despite knowing she had a rescue place in a few days in a foster home, they told the Dog Warden nobody would take her and let her go to a Dog Pound after complaints from neighbours about a dog being left alone in a house for a week.

Starfish Dog Rescue were horrified and immediately arranged to take in Bella. She has been a delight and her foster family have said she has been very easy to fall in love with as she is so sweet natured. She gets on well with the dogs in the family with no problems, travels well in the car, loves her walks and enjoys the company of the visiting grandchildren.

Here is a sweet video of Bella playing with a ball.

Bella’s housetraining has been a little hit and miss, but she is getting there and she copies the other dogs. There have been a few accidents but her foster mum says that once you get to know Bella you can tell when she needs to go. It’s not Bella’s fault she has never been shown properly, but she is nearly there already.

Bella is a very affectionate little dog and likes to be with you, she has a big heart and lots of love which makes it so sad that she has been let down. From what Starfish can gather, she was with her last family for 18 months and they had bought her via a free-ad site. As poor Bella is one of the so-called designer breeds (in reality a mongrel) she, like many of these dogs, has ended up with the wrong people.

Now, Bella needs the loving home she deserves, where she will be the centre of someone’s world for the rest of her life. She needs a quiet home, preferably with a retired couple with another dog as she does love her doggy friends.

As you can see in this video, she loves her little bed – she arrived with nothing but a kind person donated this bed which is Bella’s now.

Bella has started her vaccinations, been spayed and had an intense dental as her teeth were in a terrible state – she had many teeth removed and has been on antibiotics. Now recovered she is ready to find an amazing home.

Could you offer Bella a quiet, retired household with another dog for company?

Contact Starfish Dog Rescue by email to ask for their questionnaire:


Please mention that you saw Bella on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.