Bernard (Dogs Walk This Way, fostered Hampshire)

Bernard before and after!

Poor Bernard has had an awful start in life at a kill shelter in Rumania where Dogs walk This way Rescue could see just how troubled he was and had to help him. He is now in urgent need of an experienced home where he can have the wonderful life he truly deserves.

Bernard is around 7 years old and is now safely being cared for in a foster home in Grayshott, Hampshire. After arrival in the UK and lots of grooming from volunteers he could trust, it was clear that perhaps he had been tethered as he had rope embedded round his leg which was causing him to limp. It wasn’t obvious straight away as his fur was so matted.

Bernard takes time to trust humans, which is totally understandable, so he must go to an experienced permanent or foster home. He’s fine with other dogs and walks well on a harness and lead. He enjoys walks from a few people he’s learned to trust after arriving here.

Bernard is neutered with all up-to-date vaccinations, including rabies and kennel cough.
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Can you help this gorgeous boy to have a happy life? If so, please contact Dogs Walk This Way as follows:

Tel: 07713 802349 (Rachael)
or message via Facebook

Please mention you saw Bernard on the Oldies Club website.

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