Charlie (East Anglia Dog Rescue)

Charlie is a 9-year-old miniature pinscher looking for a forever home with an older person. He is with East Anglia Dog Rescue.

Charlie likes to sleep a lot but does like to go for a little walk to sniff the air. He is a character and enjoys cuddling up to you but he doesn’t mind being on his own.

Charlie would be OK to live with other dogs of his size, as long as they are calm like him. He has food aggression with other dogs though so must be fed separately from them, including for treats.

He needs an adult-only calm home as he can be startled and scared when woken up and will turn and air snap if woken abruptly, so cannot live with children. A homecheck and adoption fee apply.

Could you offer Charlie a suitable home?


Contact East Anglia Dog Rescue as follows:

Tel: 07729 219868

Message them through their Facebook page click here.

Or complete the Adoption Enquiry form on East Anglia Dog Rescue’s website.

Please mention that you saw Charlie on the Oldies Club website.


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