Gilbert (Leicester Animal Aid)


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Gilbert is a gorgeous Staffy boy of 11 years, in the care of Leicester Animal Aid. He can live with sensible teenagers but wants to be the only pet at home. Since all sofa snuggles rightfully belong to him!

Gilbert is a very loving, cuddly boy and a decidedly, solidly, reassuring presence. He really is a great companion who is happy anywhere, as long as his people are with him.

Gilbert is content in the car. It’s like a walkies but without the effort! He enjoys short walks still. He can be strong on the lead when something grabs his interest. Like a new person to meet!

Gilbert can tire himself out playing with people in the garden. He’s not big on toys but finds a game of you-can’t-catch-me absolutely hilarious!

If you can offer Gilbert the cuddles and fun he deserves, please contact Leicester Animal Aid as follows:

Phone:  01455 888257

Or to fill in their Interested Parties form click here.

Please say you saw Gilbert on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Gilbert’s original page dated 4th June 2019.

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