Lottie (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

** 5/2/20 – Lottie is still waiting for a home **

Lovely Lottie is back at Animal Rescue Cymru in West Wales because her adopter can no longer walk her. 10-year-old Lottie is hoping to find a quiet retirement home with an active, terrier-experienced person who is home a lot of the time.

Lottie is a Jack Russell Terrier and she loves to have human company. She needs to be your only pet and would be best in a home without children as she can be a little possessive of her food.

Lottie is still active for her age and loves her walks. She can be a little selective with her recall and she seems to have some sight loss in her right eye and this is probably why she reacts if another dog comes too close – she feels vulnerable and is trying to keep them away. Other than this she is a healthy senior girl just waiting for the perfect retirement home.

Could little Lottie be your loving companion and go out for fun walks with you?
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Contact Animal Rescue Cymru as follows:

Tel: 0345 475 5958
Email: rehoming@animalrescuecymru.co.uk

Please mention that you saw Lottie on the Oldies Club website.

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