Maxx (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Dinky boy Maxx is a 7 year old Patterdale X Jack Russell Terrier who’s in the care of Rescue Remedies at kennels in Guildford, Surrey. He was very happily homed with an elderly man for a few years, but sadly his adopted owner recently passed away.

One of the volunteer walkers who’ve met Maxx said, “He was a fab companion, occasionally trying to sit in my lap but mostly looking out the window or curled up on the seat beside me. He has the biggest ears and he deepest brown eyes when he gazes at you adoringly.”

Another volunteer said, “He is extremely responsive to commands and I find him a complete joy to walk. Smashing boy!”

Another, “I like walking Maxx. He’s always interested in what is going on but stays composed when confronted by wildlife. He walks well and is good with traffic. He enjoys a jog down the drive with the occasional stop for a sniff. The few dogs we met when out passed without any fuss. Great little dog.”

Maxx is very friendly with people but still learning to tolerate other dogs. He doesn’t like them barging into his personal space. Being tiny, most other dogs tend to loom over him. He wears a muzzle when out on walks just to be on the safe side. This also acts to warn other dog owners that he doesn’t want to engage.

One volunteer who knows Maxx well said he doesn’t need much walking, just an enclosed garden and company. He doesn’t ask for much and he’s a devoted, attentive companion. He has so much love to give!

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