This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Mabel (Rovers Dog Rescue, Essex)

9/7/20 – Mabel has been rehomed!

Mabel is a 10-year old Collie Cross who is with Rovers Dog Rescue in Essex. Mabel is thought to have spent her first 9 years living in a flat and never seeing the outside world. Understandably, she is extremely fearful of all new things, and almost everything is new to her. She was adopted in November, but she now needs to find a home where she will feel happier. She needs to have quiet surroundings, preferably in a rural area.

Mabel was first in the care of Rovers Dog Rescue after the death of her original owner. Mabel was terrified and shut-down on arrival, but she gradually made progress. In her current adoptive home she has been very good around the home and has accepted affection and even started to learn to play, but unfortunately she is not progressing outside. She is scared of noises from either side of the garden and is becoming reactive when on walks. Mabel is therefore needing an adult, pet-free home in a rural area where she can have quiet, stress-free walks.

Rovers Dog Rescue are grateful to her current adopters for looking after Mabel until a suitable new home is found for her.

Mabel is clean indoors. Although initially wary of strangers, once she knows you well she will become a sweet companion. Mabel needs an experienced owner who is not expecting an immediate ‘hearts and flowers’ moment with their new dog and who is willing to be patient with Mabel while she settles. It may be that Mabel will never really go for a walk like a regular dog, but she would love the chance to try this in a quiet place.

Could you offer Mabel the patience and experience she needs?
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Contact Rovers Dog Rescue as follows:

Phone: 07969 730749 or 01277 821740

Please mention that you saw Mabel on the Oldies Club website.
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Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.