Noodles (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

11/6/20 – Noodles still needs a home

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Cuddlesome Noodles is a 12 year old Shar Pei in the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool, although during lockdown, he’s staying with his weekend foster family nearby. He wants to be the only pet in an adult only home and he must have company almost all the time. However, if you cannot commit to full time adoption or fostering of Noodles, he is also available as a time-share!

This complicated scenario is best explained by Noodles’ current weekend foster carers who originally adopted him in 2013 but, his separation anxiety and their working hours were not compatible and they had to return him to Freshfields.

His foster Mum says, “When Noodles came to live with us we were overjoyed – he was perfect: playful, full of character and very affectionate. We knew that separation anxiety was an issue… things came to head when we returned home to find that Noodles has chewed on the baby gate that was put up to stop him hurting himself. It was clear that Noodles had been very distressed on his own and there was blood on the floor where he had obviously hurt himself whilst chewing on the gate – cutting his gums. We were very upset when we took Noodles back.

“However, a week later we were called by Collette and given an unexpected option – would we like to keep in touch with Noodles – be his walkers and maybe if everyone (especially Noodles) was happy, for him to stay over weekends. We immediately said yes, although admittedly I was initially worried that I wouldn’t be able to emotionally deal with continually saying goodbye to Noodles. This has proved to not be a problem because of Noodles great character-getting to see him so happy.”

Noodles is a very special boy and you can imagine how sad he is during the week when he’s in kennels, as well as how happy he is when his foster carers come and collect him for the weekend. Freshfields are really keen to see Noodles settled with people who can adopt or foster him and always have someone at home for him. Fostering options are either full time/long-term (with Freshfields paying for medication and food) or part time, during the week.

Noodles does need daily medication for a thyroid problem but this is nothing which would put off the true oldies aficionado. He has a special diet of Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal in which he has 3 small meals throughout the day fed on a raised feeding stand. He cannot be given any human food or treats. He also needs Vitamin B12 tablets and although his skin is generally okay, during in the summer months he may need to be bathed with a medicated shampoo. Rest assured… he’s worth it!

Noodles would like to get to know any potential adopters or new fosterers over a few visits, so living within easy enough travelling distance of the rescue is important.

If you might be able to help Noodles have a full and happy life, please read his whole profile (including more about how wonderful he is from his foster Mum!) on the Freshfields Animal Rescue website (click here).

Contact Freshfield Animal Rescue as follows:

Phone:   0151 931 1604 


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