Peter (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Peter is a 7 year old Labrador cross in foster care in Mattishall, Norfolk through Safe Rescue. Sadly Peter has spent most of his life in a hellish public shelter and he was completely shut down when he arrived in their care.

Surviving any length of time in these places means either being one of the toughest and strongest or one of the most invisible. Poor Peter was so well practiced in making himself hidden and avoiding standing out in any situation that his first few weeks in foster were spent hiding behind sofas or tables and under anything he could, shying away from any human who approached him!

However, Peter is learning that humans are good now, and is gaining confidence every day. He has chosen his favourite bed in the lounge and shares it beautifully with the other dogs in the home. Whilst still not very affectionate yet, he definitely recognises his foster mum and dad and trust is growing.

Safe Rescue say, “We cannot tell you how proud of this guy we are and the courage he has shown to break free from the behaviours that have kept him alive all those years. Peter needs a patient and understanding adopter who will continue to show him the wonders of life that he was deprived of for so long, it is so important he is pampered beyond his wildest dreams in the time he has left!

“He could do with quite a bit more practice on lead walking and can be worried if something spooks him – but loves pottering around the garden and taking in all the sniffs! Fully toilet trained and sleeps soundly, if not a little snoringly through the night!”

If you can offer this wonderful and well deserving boy a forever, loving home please contact Safe Rescue as follows:

Phone:  07899 844524   or   07788 251197  (between 9am and 6pm)


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