This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Roo (Private rehoming, Heathrow)

18/3/20 – Lovely Roo has found a new home!

Roo is about 8 years old and she is a medium-sized mixed-breed girl, with maybe a bit of spitz in her. Roo’s owner sadly died suddenly and so Roo is being cared for and privately rehomed by a relative. Roo is in the Heathrow area and can be rehomed within a reasonable distance of there.

Roo’s current carer tells us: “Roo is a lovely, very affectionate and cuddly dog who would be so perfect for anyone who needs company and is home a lot. She’s a very easy to look after dog – she’s not naughty when alone but really loves being around people! If you contact me I will visit your house and ask a few questions and if OK, I will travel back with Roo at a later date.”

Roo is very affectionate with everyone she meets and should be fine to live with kind older children, but young children would be too stressful for her. She would like to be the only dog in her new home as although she lived for a short time with other dogs, she wasn’t happy and could be snappy with the other dogs. She doesn’t want to share a home with cats.

Pretty Roo is fine to be left alone for up to 4 hours occasionally, but in general she prefers to have someone around for company. She enjoys walks and is good on the lead. Although satisfied with a 10-minute walk, she does enjoy walking for longer. She walks to your pace and doesn’t pull. She isn’t keen on long car journeys and gets quite drooly. Shorter journeys are OK, but over an hour or so and there’s a possibility of her being sick.

Roo’s favourite pastime is sitting on the sofa and cuddling up to you. She’s a lovely-natured dog who everyone loves and has even warmed non-dog-lovers to her. Bless her! She enjoys food and is very food motivated, but she is on a diet. She’s not naughty about getting at food though. The things that Roo doesn’t like are going to the vets and being groomed.

Roo is neutered and doesn’t seem to have any health issues currently. She is not on any medication. She doesn’t do well with anaesthetic though and almost died from it when the vet tried to anaesthetised her to fix a torn ligament in her leg. Her ligament is now healed just with rest.

Roo is being rehomed privately by her carer, Stef, who has confirmed that she will take Roo back if her new home doesn’t work out for any reason. Prospective adopters will be homechecked.

Could you offer Roo a loving home and cuddles on the sofa?

Contact Stef as follows:

Please mention that you saw Roo on the Oldies Club website.


Oldies Club suggests you read our article Questions for Adopters which is written to help people who are planning to adopt a dog from a private owner rather than a rescue.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.