This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Sam (Leicester Animal Aid)

20/03/2020 – Sam has been adopted! Hooray!

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Sam is a loving, naturally bouncy Staffy boy of about 7 years, in the care of Leicester Animal Aid. He wants to be an only pet in an active home and for any children in the house to be dog-savvy older ones, from about 12. Though cheerfulness is his default setting, he’s so stressed about being in kennels that he’s got abrasions on his pads from pacing and developed some bald and sore patches. If ever there was a desperate case of a good dog in urgent need of a good home… it’s poor, sweetie pie Sam!

Sam is happy when he’s out on walks. He needs to be kept on the lead as he tends to be protective of his human, and vocal, when it comes to imposter dogs so it’s best to walk him in quiet areas. With strangers, he’ll alert you to where they are but as soon as it’s clear you approve of them he’s giddily glad to meet them! He has an irrepressibly buoyant temperament in a typical Staffy style.

Sam is happy when he has his toys. They don’t always last very long but he really enjoys them while they do!

Sam is happy when he’s gallivanting in a secure field or garden, either doing agility or getting to grips with tennis balls. That’s his second most important mission in life. What’s the point of outdoors without a tennis ball?!

Most important, of course, is being with loved ones!

Sam is most happy when he can snuggle up to you on the sofa after a good walk. Two walks a day, of about 40 minutes each would be perfect for him. He needs some garden time in between to keep his toys under control. Naughty little things! But then it’s all about just being your faithful sidekick. He can be left for about an hour but will need to build up gradually to longer periods as he really loves company. He’s good in the car and loves coming along on adventures, even if it’s just to the shops. Sam will always be there for you. Ready to help with anything, just say the word!

If you might be the kind of person who doesn’t look at Sam and think he’s just another older Staffy, but can see the noble, playful, loving boy he is when he’s out of kennels, please contact Leicester Animal Aid as follows:

Phone:   01455 888257

Or to fill in their interested parties form click here.

Please say you saw Sam on the Oldies Club website.


Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.