Smithy (National Animal Welfare Trust, Cornwall)


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Fun little Smithy (or just Smith to some) is an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier in the care of National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Hayle, Cornwall. He’s looking for a single owner who lives within easy driving distance from the rescue so he can get to know you thoroughly before committing himself.

Smithy likes to bond strongly with one person. He’s a sensitive boy who can get overwhelmed if there’s too many people or unfamiliar happenings. He really wants a settled routine and for everything to be nice and samey. Then he can focus on the fun stuff like squeaky toys and zoomies in the garden!

Needless to say, children are a bit too unpredictable for his sensibilities. He might be able to live with another dog if they’re compatible. Cats though… well, they’re fun to chase, right? Isn’t that what they’re for?

Smithy loves his home comforts, especially snuggling up under a blankie. He really is the perfect companion for someone as home-loving as him. He’ll keep you entertained and be helpful, or at least there for moral support, in all your activities. He can be left for a few hours but he does need plenty of exercise too as he’s an energetic and very bright boy.

Due to past traumas he’s a bit hand-shy and will only respond to kindness. His new owner must be calm and gentle with him. Experience and understanding of nervous dogs is needed as he can get protective of his human. Showing him that you’re relaxed and that you’re there to look after him will help ease his mind. As will all the running around and toy wrangling!

If you might be the steady, caring, walkies-loving person dear Smithy is looking for (and you live near enough), please contact National Animal Welfare Trust as follows:

First read about Rehoming dogs from NAWT, here.

Phone:  01736 756005

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