Arthur (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Gatwick)

Arthur is an affectionate 8 year old American Bulldog. He’s in the care of Rescue Remedies at their boarding kennels near Gatwick, West Sussex. He’s looking for an active, adult-only home because he’s a big, bouncy boy!

At first, Arthur was reactive in unfamiliar situations such as around traffic. He still has no road sense but has progressed well over the last few months and has settled right down. He now walks very well, ignoring other dogs, though he can still pull on the lead with excitement. Since he arrived at kennels he has discovered the joys of chasing a ball – his favourite game – and it’s a delight to see him come out of his shell and enjoy life!

One of his volunteer walkers said, “Arthur was brilliant today. Still strong and pulling for the first half of the walk, but that’s just all the excitement of being out and about. No jumping up at all. He isn’t a huge fan of waiting, but we’ve seen no negative reaction to it, just a strong desire to get going again. After our walk we had a good play in the paddock to try and burn off some of that energy and even the mud didn’t stop him from doing his favourite thing, dropping and rolling around in the grass.

“When we got back to his kennel he needed a good clean up with a towel as he had gotten himself into a state from all the rain and mud, and he LOVED it! I think that might have been his favourite part of the walk. He was so happy to have his feet, belly, back all dried off and was constantly trying to give me kisses to say thank you.”

Another said, “I walked Arthur yesterday. What a good boy! We passed several dogs, cyclists, joggers and a horse, and Arthur was very chilled. No reaction, other than to get on with the walk. He did pull on the leads somewhat, particularly at the beginning of the walk, but by halfway the pulling was much reduced. There was no jumping or attempts to grab the leads. We had a lovely walk.”

He’s had a few visits to a couple of volunteers’ home as well. They said, “He is a very homely, playful dog. I find no fault with him indoors and he settles down quite nicely. He does bring the toys over for a play but is quite happy left to his own devices. He comes in and out as he pleases but all the photos are on the settee. He needs little encouragement to join me there! He seeks TLC and we don’t refuse.”

Arthur is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He has lots of good walks, playtime and snuggles to share!

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

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