Benson (RSPCA Millbrook, Surrey)

Benson’s owner made the heart-breaking decision to rehome him as he was no longer able to meet Benson’s welfare needs. Benson is now in the care of RSPCA Millbrook and he is looking for an experienced owner in a home with adults, or possibly older teens only, and a secure, private garden. Benson is a lovely boy who needs to find a place in someone’s heart and complete the missing piece to their family puzzle.

Benson is a black and white Crossbreed and is approximately 8 years old. He is a really friendly chap who loves fuss and attention. He is a very clever boy and loves learning new things especially for a tasty treat. Benson has learned a lot of commands since being in rescue: he knows sit, down, paw, wait, touch, rollover and will kiss your cheek on command!

Benson is looking for a very experienced, adult-only home, ideally someone who has had large bull breeds before as Benson is larger than a Staffie. He is looking for a very calm home with owners that won’t get him too over-excited or play with him inappropriately as this can lead to Benson becoming very over the top.

Benson will walk nicely on the lead but can pull at times. Off-lead, Benson loves to run and play and enjoys running around shaking a football. Benson can jump up, be playful and loves a muddy puddle. In his previous home, Benson was attacked while on the lead by other dogs. This has made him unsure of some other dogs. At Millbrook, he has met many dogs and has played off-lead with lots of dog. He needs socialising with friendly, calm dogs when out on walks and being moved away from situations where he is not comfortable. Benson does have great recall but will need to be kept on the lead in public with off- lead play in his own enclosed private garden. Benson also needs to be an only dog in his new home as he likes the attention and would be best in a home without visiting dogs.

Benson did not like being left for long periods in his previous home and had some house-training accidents. However, he is clean in rescue so it may have been related to not coping when left alone as he gets very much attached to people. He will need someone based at home most of the day with time increased for being left alone. Benson is not used to car travel but his owner said he seems to like cars.
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Please apply to adopt Benson only if you meet the above criteria by contacting RSPCA Millbrook as follows:

Or complete Millbrook’s online application form

Please mention that you saw Benson on the Oldies Club website.

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