Bond (Rescue Remedies, West Sussex)


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Gorgeous boy Bond is a 9-year-old Staffy X Collie boy in the care of Rescue Remedies at their kennels near Gatwick, West Sussex. He wants to be an only pet in an active home and he has a lot of love (and kisses!) to give.

A volunteer walker said, “Had a heart-warming start to the walk on Monday, spending 3 hours with Bond. He was excited to see me and get out of his kennel. There’s about a 3/4 mile pavement stretch alongside a busyish road and Bond wasn’t bothered by the traffic. Indeed I’ve never seen him fazed by traffic. We stopped for a short break halfway round and as usual Bond sat patiently and waited, accepting ear rubs and strokes. He walks nicely and doesn’t pull.

“We got back to the paddock and played fetch with a tennis ball. Endearingly Bond will drop it and roll it towards you with his snout for you to throw again. He also loves a tummy rub.

“The main issue with him is that he can be barky towards other dogs and his interactions need to be managed. Best to avoid them if possible or keep him moving. If he could be found an environment with a secure walking area or just low density dog area his new owner would have a friendly, affectionate and funny companion. He may be a senior but he has plenty of energy left in him.”

Another said, “He does bark at pretty much every dog he meets, so possibly has had a bad experience in this respect. It is easily managed you just have to keep a watch out. On his own he is very relaxed and a wonderful companion as he loves his walks. He took treats very gently and is very food orientated. Gorgeous friendly boy!”

And another, “I had a lovely relaxed walk with Bond yesterday. We didn’t meet any other dogs so Bond was completely relaxed the whole walk, taking his time to enjoy all the new smells along the way. He is such a sweet boy who loves his walks and thrives on human company.”

Bond spent some time in a foster home and behaved beautifully. He’s very responsive and always wants to please. He’s quite a character, carrying his tennis ball on walks. He’s the ideal companion for someone who can manage his walks in such a way that he doesn’t meet other dogs up close and who will move him on quickly when he sees one in passing.

Obviously, the barking is just a fear reaction and he wants them to keep their distance. It works too! But he’d rather not have to as it distracts from all the lovely smells and he has to drop his ball. He just wants a relaxed retirement and a human or two to love.

If you can offer Bond the love and peace he needs, please read the Rescue Remedies homing process here.

…then complete the  Rescue Remedies homing questionnaire here.

Please say you saw Bond on the Oldies Club website.

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

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