In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Danny (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)


07/02/2022 – Sadly Danny developed untreatable cancer. Sleep tight lovely boy.

Gorgeous Danny is an 8-9 year old Lurcher X Border Terrier in the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool. Potential adopters will need to make several visits to build up a bond and see just how soppy this boy is when he gets to know you. His kisses are plentiful for his friends!

Danny had a tough puppyhood and it’s left him quite sensitive and anxious about new people. He needs an adult-only home. Routine and a quiet life are what Danny wants, also a good sized, secure garden for zoomies and ball games!

Danny walks nicely on the lead in general but gets agitated when he sees other dogs too close and can be strong on the lead then. He’ll need to be walked at quiet times or places and needs to be kept on the lead. He is happy to wear a muzzle, which is a good way to warn other dog owners that he doesn’t want to be approached. At the rescue they have a completely secure field and he really loves running about and playing there.

Danny is OK in the car. He tends to stay standing and alert but at least he’s willing to go for an adventure! He’s clean in the home and can be left for a few hours. He behaves well when it’s his meal time but he does have an issue about any food that’s been dropped, i.e. it’s his!

Sadly, his reflexive habit of grabbing dropped food is the reason he needs a new home. There was an incident with his previous owner and a dropped food wrapper which they both tried to grab at the same time and she was bitten. Just a misunderstanding but there was no going back.

Danny was hand reared as a puppy and that’s probably where this behaviour around dropped food comes from. He needs an owner who’s understanding and practical about it. He’s absolutely devoted to those he loves and his love is well worth gaining…

…because a happy Danny is a beautiful thing!

If you might be the experienced owner Danny seeks and you’re able to visit him several times so he can be sure, please contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Phone: 0151 931 1604


Please say you saw Danny on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Danny’s previous page dated 21 March 2021.




In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.