Dillon (National Animal Welfare Trust, Cornwall)


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Beautiful Dillon is a 9 year old Lurcher in the care of National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Hayle, after his previous owner sadly passed away. He can live with older, dog savvy children but wants to be the only pet at home. Potential adopters need to live close enough to NAWT to make a few visits and build up a bond with Dillon before he commits himself. His loving, fun personality is worth getting to know!

Dillon is a lively and playful boy. He wasn’t socialised properly as a puppy and can be untoward when he sees other dogs on walks UNLESS… you distract him with a treat. He’s become very good at sitting nicely with rapt attention on some tasty morsel and ignoring other dogs going past. This does mean you need to be on the case and it’s more relaxing for all if you can walk him at quiet times and places. He is muzzle trained which is a good way of warning other dog owners that he doesn’t want to be approached by unknown dogs. He walks nicely with some lady Lurchers he’s got to know.

He just wants to feel safe and have fun!

Dillon would love to live in the countryside or quiet location with a big, secure garden. He needs peace but he also needs space for zoomies with his favourite toys. Soft toys and squeakables being top of his list.

Like most Lurchers, Dillon likes to relax a lot too. A sofa for lounging on will make for a contented boy. His legs can get a little stiff after too much exercise so an awareness of that is needed as well as plenty of soft furnishings.

Dillon is delightfully soppy and loves a cuddle. He is extremely bright. His training, especially socialising, have come on really well and will need to be continued with his new owners. Are you the experienced owner with a pocket full of treats that he’s looking for?

If you like the look of this loving boy and live close enough to NAWT to make several visits for walkies with him, please contact them as follows:

Read about their rehoming process here.

Phone:  01736 756005

Please say you say Dillon on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Dillon’s previous page dated 7 March 2021.

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