Gavin (Wellingborough Dog Welfare, Northants)

Gavin is a gorgeous 9-year-old Staffy who is at Wellingborough Dog Welfare in Northamptonshire. He might be nine but he acts like he’s two, so if you’re looking for a lively oldie, take a good look at Gavin.

Poor Gavin was found straying and so the rescue has no background on this beautiful boy. He is an incredibly handsome chap who is very sweet with people and his happy tail is always wagging. He isn’t good with other dogs at all though so must be your only dog, and his new home will need to have no dogs in adjacent houses. He can’t live with cats. Gavin would be very happy to live with children aged 15+, but as there is no history on him he isn’t able to be rehomed with children any younger than 15.

Energetic Gavin loves to be out and about, going for walks and having a good sniff around. When he sees a dog he will pull and start barking like a seal. He loves all people though and will jump up to say hello. He is OK travelling in the car, just a little noisy to start with but will then settle.

Gavin will listen to you as he loves his people. He can be a bit noisy but he does settle and it’s only when a dog barks or someone walks past that he starts barking. He loves his food but does need respect and to be left alone when eating food or a treat.

He is a wonderful boy who needs a loving home to match his loving personality. He has quite sore skin on his undercarriage which the vets have advised to monitor. With regular baths it will hopefully get better. It may be due to allergies. He is OK in the bath, bless him.

Wellingborough Dog Rescue cannot stress enough what a super-friendly boy Gavin is with humans. He is such a happy little dude, and just needs a dog-free home environment so that he can relax and enjoy life from now on.

Could you offer Gaving a pet-free home where children are aged 15+?

Contact Wellingborough Dog Welfare as follows:

Phone: 07561 129207

Please mention that you saw Gavin on the Oldies Club website.

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