Henry (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Gatwick)


Dear old Henry has been in rescue for quite a while, in a catch 22 way, seems to deter people from applying for this lovely Mastiff cross. He’s with Rescue Remedies at their boarding kennels near Gatwick, West Sussex where he’s well loved by all! He spends his weekends in foster but it’s not the same as a home of his very own.

Henry’s very popular with walkers at the rescue and he walks nicely, with the occasional strong moment. He doesn’t mind wearing a head collar though, for better control. He likes walking with other dogs but can get flustered if approached by off-lead dogs.

Playing with a tennis ball in a secure field is his favourite thing. He makes sure he brings the ball home too, important bit of his job that. At the rescue this means he now has quite a collection building up in his kennel!

He’s a very affectionate dog. His fosterer says Henry loves people! He can get over excited and have a boisterous moment when people visit the house, so he needs an adult only home so as not to bowl little people over.

Another of Henry’s favourite things is splashes!

He will definitely need a garden where he can relax…

…and oversee any gardening you might be doing. He’s so helpful!

Note: Rescue Remedies have specific on-lead requirements for their adopted dogs. They also cannot guarantee to reply to unsuccessful homing applications.

If you want to know more about adorable Henry please read his forum thread (here) and then contact Rescue Remedies by filling in their online rehoming questionnaire here.

Please say you saw Henry on the Oldies Club website.


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